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A Patch of Perturbed Petunias is the second episode of Unlock the Magic.


Share Bear fears that she is losing her ability as a problem solver and peacemaker when she can't calm a squabble between a group of Whiffles and a flowerbed of Perturbed Petunias

Plot Summary[]

The episode begins with the Whiffles gardening and the Care Bears at lunch. Wish Bear calls the group to warn of a disturbance in the Forest of Feelings, which the group quickly drives to.

Upon arrival, they find the Forest is damaged and the Whiffles are in a fight with a patch of Petunias. Cheer Bear and Dibble quickly distract the Whiffles into playing a game, while Share Bear tries to convince the Petunias that the creatures are nice. 

Despite both species having made up, two Petunias insist that the Whiffles have pinched them despite this being false. Share Bear begins to doubt the effectiveness of her skills as the two groups continuously place blame on one another due to the lying Petunias.

Share Bear Reasons

Share Bear attempts to reason with the two opposing groups.

While Cheer Bear consoles her friend, they notice a strange pipeline set up behind the flower patch. Realizing that the flowers are not real and are externally controlled, the two follow the line. The two in control are revealed to be Bluster and Rob, who are trying to prevent the Whiffles from working on the Silver Lining. With a plan in mind, Share and Cheer head back to the patch.

Cheer Bear quickly unplugs the fake Petunias and borrows Grumpy Bear's smoothie machine to get back at the Bad Crowd. Share tells the two that if they agree to move their plans for Blusterland away from the forest, they will be allowed to keep the machine. Arrogantly, the two begin to press an array of buttons on the machine, causing it to malfunction and throw them off completely with a wild spray of smoothies. The bears return to the Petunias and resolve the fight, telling them to be more careful with what they listen to.


  • A 1980's styled Tenderheart Bear bobblehead can be seen on the dashboard of the Cloudseeker in this episode.

    Tenderheart Bear.