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A Rhyme in Time is the second part of the forty-fifth episode of The Care Bears Family.


Grams Bear reads Hugs and Tugs a story about safety. Unfortunately, the book scares them, but Grams tells them that there is nothing to fear as long as they are careful. The twins then happily discuss the book before falling asleep.


Grams is seen outside knitting, wondering how Hugs and Tugs are doing inside. She then hears Hugs calling out for her, and rushes in to find she accidentally locked herself in the cupboard. Teary-eyed, she claims "the cupboard tried to crush me!", until Grams comforts her saying it wasn't all her fault, and that she should've had her eye on her. Tugs believes Grams needs help, and slides down the stair railing, fortunately landing in her arms. He starts crying too, saying the railing turned into a snake, but Grams ensures them both that the railing and cupboard aren't bad, just unsafe places to play on. She then sits them down and decides to read them a series of stories involving safety.

The first involves hot dishes and how they can leave a bad burn if spilled. Tugs imagines himself pulling on a table cloth, revealing a volcano, with him narrowly escaping the flowing lava. After Grams claims it's just his imagination, she turns the page to another tale, this time involving strangers. Hugs imagines herself walking up to a random person, who turns out to be No Heart. Grams says the stranger could be No Heart, ("You never can tell with him."), and proceeds with the third story centered around poisonous stuff.

Tugs has another imagine spot, where he's about to reach for the bottles, but they come to life and attack him. Grams, once again, claims the cub's imagination is playing with him, and moves on to a fourth tale about bath-tub safety. Hugs has a second imagine spot, where she jumps in a giant bathtub and is nearly washed away, using a rubber duck as support. Worried the two are getting too scared, Grams thinks about stopping, but Tugs says "We're not afraid!", so she turns to the last story, which details fire safety. This time, both Hugs and Tugs imagine themselves standing in some smoke, where a bunch of black dragons swoop in on them.

Grams then decides to stop reading, and tuck them in for the night, but not before recapping them on what they've learned. She then shuts off the lights, with Hugs and Tugs sleeping soundly as the episode ends.