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Alaskan King Crab is a villain from the Care Bears comic book series who appears in the issue 17 story "Something Fishy". He is a squat man with a white beard dressed in blue robes and a red crown with a pair of small pincers on top. The "Meanest Man in the Yukon", he rides atop his faithful steed Mooseter T and spreads malevolence wherever he goes.

Comic series[]

When the Care Bears notice a boy crying in Alaska, Cheer Bear, Wish Bear, Friend Bear, and Funshine Bear go down to the Great White North to investigate. The boy, Nukluk, tells them that their family fish business in in danger of going under ever since one of their batches of salmon caused a customer to become incredibly mean and irritable. Just then, the evil Alaskan King Crab arrives and makes light of Nukluk's situation, leading the bears to believe he is somehow responsible.

Traveling to his home on Mt. McCranky, the unwelcoming king dumps a pile of garbage on them. Among the refuse is a set of notes containing the formula for "Frowned Pepper", a substance that, when added to any food, will cause the eater to become incredibly ill-tempered. It turns out the mad monarch plans to use this secret ingredient to contaminate the world's food supply and make everyone as miserable as himself. Using her chemistry set, Wish Bear is able to create a counter-agent, "Smiling Salts", which she pours into his igloo and completely changes the villain's mood, making him forget his plan. No-Hearts Rhyme Crimes

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