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Auntie Freeze (pronounced like "anti-freeze") is a villain who appeared in two episodes of DiC's Care Bears television series beginning with "Magic Mirror". Like her associate Professor Coldheart, she’s an ice-themed antagonist who lives to cause misery and fear in others, even going to so far as to hide in children's closets and scare them. She resembles a middle-aged woman with curly gray hair with a pink gown with a large collar. She has dangly purple earrings, fingerless gloves, a pillbox hat, pink high heeled shoes, dark pink nail polish and lipstick. Her wedding dress has the same design but is colored white with a veil to complete it.

Auntie Freeze is Frostbite's aunt. While she fancies Coldheart, he doesn’t feel the same way about her, though in "Wedding Bells" he hatched a plan that involved pretending to marry Auntie Freeze as part of a plan to destroy Care-a-lot. Auntie Freeze possess similar powers to Coldheart, such as the ability to fire blasts of freezing energy from her eyes and can also turn invisible.

Original series[]

Care Bears TV series[]

Auntie Freeze makes two appearances in DiC's Care Bears animated series, both times appearing alongside her partner in crime Professor Coldheart. After terrorizing a little girl named Lisa by making her think there is a monster in her closet, Freeze returns to Coldheart Castle to find that the professor has acquired a new trinket known as the Magic Mirror that can reverse the personalities of anyone who looks at it. By using the evil aunt to lure the Care Bears to Lisa's home, Coldheart is able to make Tenderheart Bear, Wish Bear, Bedtime Bear, and Brave Heart Lion "uncaring", and plans to do the same to the rest of the Care Bear Family. When the other bears arrive at his castle as planned, he uses the mirror on them all as Auntie Freeze locks them in the dungeon. All that is, except Grumpy Bear, who ended up becoming exceptionally happy and helpful as a result and is able to both free his friend and send Coldheart and his crew hurdling down a pit. Magic Mirror

Auntie Freeze1

Auntie Freeze using her freeze stare in "Wedding Bells"

Much later, Coldheart concocts a new scheme where he falsely professes his love for Auntie Freeze and says he wants to marry her. In reality, he only wants to make the Care Bears think he's turning over a new leaf and wants to hold the ceremony in the Hall of Hearts in Care-a-Lot. During the wedding, he orders Frostbite to play a special pipe organ that emits destructive sound waves in an attempt to destroy the entire structure. However, when Auntie Freeze finds out the whole thing was just a ruse to get back at the Care Bears, she freezes Coldheart with her cold stare and drags him back to the castle, promising due punishment. Wedding Bells

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