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Baghdad is a city at the episode The Magic Lamp.



Baghdad is a poor city ruled by the Queen (Shreeky) who still have plans to rule the world. the Captain of the Guards (Beastly) tells her about the lamp that can be get by the pure of heart. And then the queen sends him to find the bear who is pure of heart. At the Marketplace the captain noticed a Ropemaker (Champ) who is a pure of heart, after the offer they head to the palace. But the Queen promised the ropemaker to give a half of kingdom. then the captain and the ropemaker heads to the dragon's cave. The ropemaker gets inside and managed to get the lamp before tying the dragon using ropes, but he later set him free and the dragon commended the ropemaker who is pure of heart and dissappeared. Back at the palace. The ropemaker gives the lamp to the queen and later gets captured by the guard. The queen then reveals her plan to make her people miserable, but as she rubs the lamp the genie is revealed to be the same dragon who guarded it. But the Queen tried to wish but the dragon did not comply. Then the dragon tells them that the ropemaker has pure of heart and releases him from capture. And as she tried to wish for it the Dragon switches Champ to be rich, and Sweetie and beastly to be poor. Dragon asked the ropemaker what is his wish and he tell his wish: Make people happy and then Baghdad then prospered under the ruler of the Rope maker. and Shreeky and Beastly appeared as snakes and dances in the tune of the flute that the ropemaker play.


  • Baghdad is the capital of the country of Iraq.
  • The characters to this place are dressed in arabic clothing from turbans, veils and shirts or vests and to shoes.