Bashful Heart Bear is a toy-exclusive Care Bear who first debuted in 2004. He has sea green fur and his Belly badge depicts a small pink heart hiding behind a cloud emitting a rainbow.

Bashful Heart is usually short on words, but always tries to let his actions shine through. After all, it's hard to be bold when you're dubbed "the shyest of all Care Bears". But even though he's not the kind of bear that steers a conversation, or even starts one, you can always count on him to lend an ear or helping paw to those in need. So while he may not stand out in a crowd, he's still a valuable member of the Care Bear Family.

In other languages:
German: Schüchternheitsbärchi ("Shyness Bear")
Japanese: バッシュフルハートベア

2000's series

2002-2006 toyline

One Friend at a Time

Bashful Heart on the cover of One Friend at a Time

Bashful Heart first appeared as a plush toy during the Care Bears 2000's relaunch toyline, and has since been released as a 7" plush, 10" plush, beanbag plush, and 4" Easter egg hideaway plush.

His only appearance outside of toys has been the 2006 Care Bears Friendship Club children's book One Friend at a Time by Scholastic.


2004-2006: There's a very cute and slightly shy little guy whose name is Bashful Heart Bear. He's the bear who shows that you don't have to talk a lot to be extra nice. His tummy symbol quietly tells his story. It's a heart timidly hidden behind a cloud.

2002 Website Profile:

Caring Mission: He shows that it's okay to be shy.
Symbol: A heart shyly peeking from behind a cloud.
Personality: Shy, lovable and very soft-spoken.
Character Quirk: When he feels especially shy, he seems to actually get smaller.
Color: Blue-green.
Best Friend: Secret Bear—but shhhh! It's a secret.
Relationship Challenge: Friend Bear won't believe that he likes being alone sometimes.
Motto: You learn a lot by listening.
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