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This page features all the forms of plushes that Basic Fun! have produced with the Care Bears license.

Standard/Medium Plush

This range of plush is 14-inches in size and comes boxed. The first three waves also came with Care Coins.

Series 1 (July 2020)

The first series of plushes consists of the main 6 Bears depicted in Unlock the Magic.

The first batches were sold exclusively in Walmart stores in the United States ifrom July 2020. These versions lacked Care Coins and the Care Bears logo was not shiny. The UPCs of these plushes with and without the coin are the same.

When the plush made it's way to the United Kingdom and other retail stores in the United States in Mid-July 2020, Care Coins were included and the logo was shiny. The UK packaging is multi-language, so it's also in European Spanish and European French.

The plushes was later released in Canada in September 2020. The European versions of the plushes are used in the country.

In Early 2021, the first series of plushes began to be sold without their boxes or Care Coins. It's currently unknown what these versions will be issued for, but most likely will be for online sellers. Around the same time, the boxed versions began to include stickers as well as the coins.

Beginning in July 2021, the packaging was given a slight makeover with new character profile images and the removal of Care Coins.

Cheer Bear

Funshine Bear

Good Luck Bear

Grumpy Bear

Share Bear

Tenderheart Bear

Series 2 (December 2020)

Plushes of Wish Bear and Love-a-Lot Bear were quietly released in the United States in December 2020. These two plushes were released initially as Walmart-exclusives in the United States before gaining a later wide release.

They were released in the United Kingdom in March 2021. These versions use somewhat altered packaging that doesn't contain the Walmart logo and also have UK-specific information on the bottom. The plushes were later released in Canada in June 2021.

Love-a-Lot Bear

Wish Bear

Series 3 (May 2021)

In Mid-May 2021, a new plush was leaked onto the Care Bears Secret Society of Collectors Facebook group, called Togetherness Bear. The following week, she was officially confirmed by Cloudco Entertainment and Basic Fun!, and has since been released in the US as a Walmart exclusive, with the unique feature being that no two Bears are the same. The Care Coins will be similar, appearing in ether Blue, Pink, or Purple.

She was released in Canada in July as a Walmart exclusive as well, and will be released in the United Kingdom in August. These releases will not contain any Care Coins.

Togetherness Bear

Series 4 (Late 2021?)

In Late-May 2021, added a Hopeful Heart Bear plush to their website. Plushes for Do-Your-Best Bear and Friend Bear later appeared on the site in mid-June, while in late-June, a Harmony Bear plush appeared on the Care Bears Instagram which the admins of the page confirmed she would be released in July.

Harmony was first released in Canada in Late-June as a Walmart-exclusive, and was released in the US within July, also as a Walmart-exclusive. Hopeful Heart was released in Late-July as a Target exclusive plush.

The rest of the plushes will be released in August, including the United Kingdom.

This is the first series to not include Care Coins.

Hopeful Heart Bear

Friend Bear

Do-Your-Best Bear

Harmony Bear

Plush Double-Packs

These sets contain two plushes in one box.

Best Friend Bear and Secret Bear Best Friend Bears

This set was leaked on the Wholesaler BJ's WholeSale Club in July 2021, and will be exclusive to the chain in the US.

16-Inch Plush

These plushes are a bit larger than the standard versions, and don't come in display boxes. They include the golden Care Coin in a little bag and a toy-tag on their left ear.

Bedtime Bear

Bedtime was the first to be released. He was first listed on in June 2020 and released in Mid-August 2020 in the United States, and in September 2020 in Canada and the United Kingdom. He is an Amazon-exclusive in the United States.

Later releases of the plush come in an Amazon Delivery Box with Bedtime on it.

Birthday Bear

In December 2020, listed a scented Birthday Bear Plush on their site in the same size. The plush was released on January 29, 2021 in the United States, and March 2021 in the United Kingdom, also as an Amazon-exclusive. He is scented with the smell of cupcakes, which comes from a little scenting bag inside the head of the plush, in-between his eyes.

Birthday is 16-inches, although he is 19-inches if his hat is included. Some versions of the plush come in a Amazon delivery box that features him on.

Togetherness Bear

In June 2021, a 16-inch version of Togetherness Bear was sold as part of a QVC-exclusive bundle in the United States, which also comes with a Cheer Bear beanie plush, a Poster, a bracelet and some stickers. She will be released in October 2021.

Beanie Plush

This range of plush is 9-inches in size. These plushes come with large toy-tags attached to their right ear and an embossed Belly Badge. A Collector's Set of plush has also been released, featuring Bears without embossed Belly Badges.

Wave 1 (2020)

The first wave of Bean plush was released in August 2020 in the United States and United Kingdom, and in September 2020 in Canada. Even though each Bear has an individual UPC, they may still be listed as an assortment meaning if you order them online you are not guaranteed to get the one you want.

The UK and Canadian versions have larger, multi-language tags, although these have since been replaced with smaller ones.

Wave 2 (2021)

A Love-a-Lot Bear Beanie was previously leaked alongside the other beanies on, and was released in February 2021 in the United States through Target and through Amazon in May. A Wish Bear beanie was issued off to some fans in the same month, and later saw an official release in May on Amazon.

These will be released in the United Kingdom and Canada in July.

Wave 3 (Late 2021?)

On Amazon, a Togetherness Bear beanie was pictured for a while before being removed. It was later re-added with the official picture of it and later was released to Walmart stores in July 2021, alongside beanies of Birthday Bear and Bedtime Bear. Laugh-a-Lot's beanie was also silently released in Walmart stores as well.

Togetherness and Birthday were released in the United Kingdom in Late-July-Early-August.

Unknown Wave

A standard Laugh-a-Lot Bear Beanie has been shown off on the Basic Fun! website.

Special Edition Collector's Sets

The Special Edition Collector's Set contains five Beanie plushes, with an exclusive Harmony Bear. Unlike the main set though, their belly-badges are not embossed and lack the white detailing on their ears.

2020 Edition

The first Collector's Set contains Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, and Grumpy Bear, with Harmony Bear as the exclusive plush.

The set was released in Early-August 2020 as a Walmart-exclusive, and in September 2020 in Canada as a Toys 'R' Us-exclusive. This set has been released in the United Kingdom.

2021 Edition

The second Collector's Set contains Share Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Wish Bear, and Laugh-a-Lot Bear, with Do-Your-Best Bear as the exclusive plush.

It saw an unannounced release in Walmart stores in the United States at the end of June, once again as an exclusive.

Mini Plush Danglers

These are small 7-inch plushies with a heart-shaped clip to attach onto things. They have toy-tags on their right ear, and their noses are stitched rather than being plastic.

Series 1 (2020)

The first series consists of five Bears with fun designs.

They were released in Late-August 2020 in the United States as a Walmart-exclusive, and eventually in the United Kingdom and Canada in September 2020. Unlike most versions, the tags are strictly in English.

Series 2 (2021)

Series 2 consists of Four Bears. They are in their standard colors, and lack white detailing in their ears.

These saw a release in Target stores in the United States in Late-June 2021.

Giant Plush

These plushes are 36-inches in size, larger than the Jumbo Plush.

The Bedtime plush was first showcased at Toy Fair in February 2020, and were first sold in Late-September 2020 at Costco stores in the United States and Canada. Currently, there is nothing said about a release of these plushes in the United Kingdom.

A Jumbo Togetherness Bear has been leaked as well, although it's unknown when it will release.

Walgreens Bean plush

In October 2020, alternate beanies of Cheer, Grumpy, and Share were released at Walgreens stores in the United States.

Micro Plush

In June 2021, leaked a Micro Plush set. This range consists of three-inch plushes. These plushes were first released in the United Kingdom in Tesco stores in Late-July.

Jumbo Plush

These plushes are 24-inches in size.

They were first showcased at Toy Fair in February 2020, although nothing was said about them until Good Luck in this size was shown in a 2021 Saint Patrick's Day video. It is currently unknown when these will be released.

A Togetherness Bear Jumbo Plush was leaked onto Amazon UK in June 2021. It, alongside the Cheer Jumbo Plush were released in the United Kingdom by late-July. In the US, they are likely to be Walmart exclusives, alongside a Grumpy plush.

Series 1

Cheer Bear

Grumpy Bear

Togetherness Bear


Funshine Bear

Good Luck Bear

Share Bear

Tenderheart Bear

Singing Plush

In June 2021, Abgee showcased a Singing Birthday Bear plush, which was released in the United States in July 2021 as a Walmart exclusive.

He is 14-inches tall, and sings the Birthday Surprise song.

Hoodie Friends Collector Set

These plushes are 12.5 inches, and consist of Bears wearing different themed hoodies. They were released exclusively at Costco in the United States in July 2021.

Scented Bean Plush

A scented Bean Plush was listed on for a while, but was later removed.