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Bear Buddies is a DVD featuring eight episodes from Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot, and is the third volume release from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. It was released September 22nd, 2009.


Journey into Care-a-lot where the Care Bears are the best of friends! From creating a rockin' music band to trying to cheer up a sad friend, new and old friendships come together in these 8 charming tales full of love, laughter, and family fun. And along the way, Share, Oopsy, Love-a-lot and the rest of the Care Bears discover what makes good friends into true bear buddies - being true to themselves and each other, a little understanding, and a lot of forgiveness!


  1. Belly Ball
  2. All You Need Is...
  3. Battle of the Bands
  4. Whose Friend is Who?
  5. Present and Accounted For
  6. Forget It
  7. Gone
  8. Trueheart's Big Trip

Special Features[]

  • Sushi Pack Bonus Episode- Every Body! Is Some Body!
  • Trailer Gallery


  • The front cover of the DVD is inspired by the episode, "Whose Friend is Who?"