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The Beast of Boredom is a villain whose only appearance was in the Care Bears Family episode "It's Raining, It's Boring". 

While making his rounds through Care-a-Lot, making all bears in his path unwilling to do their jobs, he stumbled upon the home of Hugs and Tugs and tried to make them equally miserable on a rainy afternoon.


He is a tiny red creature with a long snout and tail with a letter "B" on his stomach. He also has small growths on his head that are either ears, antennas, or horns.


He carries around a knapsack full of sand that makes people bored and lethargic.


His goal is to eliminate fun and excitement wherever he goes, and can't stand seeing people having a good time.

Original series[]

Care Bears Family TV series[]

The Beast of Boredom made his only appearance in the first half of the 44th episode of Nelvana's Care Bears Family television series, where he gleefully dispensed his boredom sand on the busy denizens of Care-a-Lot. When a rainstorm hits, he makes his way to the home of Hugs and Tugs, and makes the cubs bored at the prospect of having to spend the rest of the day inside. However, he didn't count on the resourcefulness of Grumpy and Tenderheart Bear, who have all sorts of fun activities planned to stave off dullness.

As time goes on, the Beast becomes progressively more irritated at his failed attempts to break the bears' spirits, with the cubs learning new activities such as making their own paper airplanes, drawing their own cartoons, or creating musical instruments out of household objects. Eventually, the Beast concedes defeat and decides that if he can't beat 'em, he may as well join 'em, and plays in their makeshift band with a saxophone. It's Raining, It's Boring

In other languages:
Spanish: La Bestia del Aburrimiento ("The Beast of Boredom")

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