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Beastly (sometimes referred to as Mr. Beastly in earlier episodes) is the secondary antagonist of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family. He serves the wizard No Heart. In the second and third seasons, he became the minion of No Heart's niece Shreeky. Despite his proclivity for badness, Beastly is something of a bumbler, and a lot of his evil plots backfire on him- usually painfully.


Beastly was introduced to the Care Bears universe in the first episode of the Nelvana TV series, "Care-a-Lot's Birthday". He is a rotund, brown-furred creature with pointy ears, a small tail, and long, hairless arms and legs. He has large yellow eyes and a batlike nose, and wears a red scarf and green aviator's hat.


Beastly is a fairly comical figure: although he loathes the Care Bears and serves No-Heart faithfully, he's a cowardly and klutzy being, and most of his plans go awry, due either to some failing of his or simple rotten luck. He tends to be prideful, taking joy in causing mischief and setting traps for the Care Bears, and he frequently gloats about how nasty he is.

A common gag Beastly falls prey to is mixing up his words- since No-Heart and his minions consider good things abhorrent and bad things pleasant, Beastly will often say something that works out in their favor is "good", realize his mistake, and try to correct himself, usually getting tongue-tied before being silenced by No-Heart.

No-Heart tends to verbally and sometimes physically abuse Mr. Beastly for his incompetence; despite his boss's low opinion of him, Beastly values being in No-Heart's service, and does his best to ingratiate himself to the wizard. The thought of being replaced by his boss and thrown out of the castle terrifies him; in The Big Star Round-Up, Beastly is spurred by No-Heart declaring that a demon sealed in a box will become his replacement, and attempts to capture the Care Bears himself, before the demon can do it.

Although he fears and respects No Heart, he demonstrates an overall loathing of Shreeky and her trademark screaming. When he first heard she was coming to visit, he promptly stated it was bad news, and Shreeky often has him act as her creature-of-all-work, verbally abusing him much the way her uncle does. Beastly often comes up with plans to thwart the Care Bears, but when he explains them to Shreeky, she demeans him, then repeats his ideas and takes credit for them. When he gets a chance to escape Shreeky's torment, he usually takes it with a laugh at her expense; there's no love lost between them, and the two often butt heads and even attempt to sabotage each other.

Caring Crystals and the Care Bear Stare have a powerful impact on Beastly. When exposed to either, he temporarily becomes extremely friendly and helpful, getting hearts in his eyes. While this usually influences him to help the Care Bears out of a jam, it also means any plan of No-Heart's rarely tends to survive collision with him in such a state; the Bears have occasionally weaponized this, setting a Caring Crystal-influenced Beastly on No-Heart's castle and watching him wreak good-natured havoc.


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  • In the Netflix series, Care Bears and Cousins. A character is also named Beastly but known as King Beastly. Which is a reference to an episode in the Nelvana series Care Bears Family, "The Great Race". Where if Beastly wins the race, he would become king of Care-A-Lot for the day. He even says that he would be known as King Beastly.
  • Beastly is the only character making solo appearances without Shreeky, she has never made any solo appearances without him throughout the show, it's because of her being a later addition.

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