Beastly (sometimes referred to as Mr. Beastly in earlier episodes) is a villain in the Nelvana television series who serves the wizard No Heart. In the second and third seasons he became the minion of No Heart's niece, Shreeky.

First Appearance

Beastly was introduced to the Care Bears universe in the first episode of the Nelvana TV series "Care-a-Lot's Birthday".


He is a creature resembling a potato with fur. Beastly wears a green hat with a red cloth around his neck.

He has yellow eyes, which are pretty big.

He has a unique laugh that sounds like "Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-chya!".


He is Laughably Evil , as his antics are more comical, even if he always talks about how evil he is. He oftens messes up No Heart's plans. Which turns out to be really funny. Despite all his efforts to capture the Care Bears, he endures physical and verbal abuse from No Heart and Shreeky. In one episode, he tries being good like The Care Bears, but, in the end, reverted to his evil ways, since being nice was to much for him to deal with.

Although he seems to respect No Heart, he demonstrates an overall loathing of Shreeky. When he first heard she was coming to visit, he promptly stated it was bad news (and then tried to say he meant good news due to No Heart's apparent anger). His fear of being zapped on the bum by her magic mirror is usually what motivates him to serve her. Beastly often comes up with workable plans to thwart the Care Bears, but when he explains them to Shreeky, she tells him he's stupid and then repeats his idea and takes credit for it. Occasionally Beastly gets a chance to be free of his tormentors, such as one example where Shreeky was trapped by the Care Bears and ranted for Beastly to free her, while Beastly laughed and enjoyed himself as it appeared she was trapped in a soundproof area.

Beastly might be a mutated hamster (created by No Heart's magic) due to the following facts.

  1. He has stated that he hates water.
  2. He is quite stubborn (hamsters usually exhibit this trait, but only the males)
  3. Beastly sometimes shows aggressive traits, but this is overlooked due to his rather hilarious ways of showing it.
  4. He has a small stubby tail (mostly similar to dwarf hamsters)
  5. Beastly can quit serving No Heart at any time (he did once but only temporarily) but he doesn't.
  6. Beastly may be a cross between a pig and a hamster due to the shaping of his nose. This is likely due to most evil minions being a cross mutation between 2 or more animals/monsters.


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