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Beautiful Dreamer is the first part of the twenty-eighth episode of The Care Bears Family.


One morning, Tugs is attempting to teach Hugs some tumbling moves, but Hugs becomes too scared to try it herself and refuses to even do so. Grams sees what's going on, and sits the two cubs down to tell the story of someone else who was afraid to try.

A long time ago, Gigi Grams was the brightest star in musical theater, her singing voice charming all the people that came to see her perform. In the wings, Treat Heart, who works at the theater as a cleaning lady, watches with admiration and wishes she could be like her idol. She is mocked by Shreeky, Grams' understudy, telling her that all she'll ever be is a cleaning lady. When Grams comes offstage after the show, Shreeky asks when she will get the opportunity to go onstage, with Grams telling her perhaps someday, but since the audience only comes to see her, she would try to be in every show. Enraged, Shreeky seeks out Beastly (who is the theater's stagehand) and convinces him to try to find a way to make sure Grams doesn't perform in the show that is scheduled for later that evening.

Backstage, Treat Heart is mopping the floor outside the dressing rooms while singing to herself. Grams overhears this, surprised by how good Treat Heart's singing voice is, and attempts to convince her to go onstage so everyone could hear her sing. But Treat Heart shyly tells her that she couldn't sing in front of an audience, and then sadly says the only time she'll ever get to be on stage is when she mops it.

Later, Beastly is seen nailing pieces of wood to Grams' dressing room door, saying to himself that if she couldn't get out of her room, she couldn't perform in the show. He is caught in the act by Treat Heart, who then lies that he was trying to fix it. Just then, Grams steps out and asks Treat Heart to help her pick a costume for the next show.

In the costume room, Grams and Treat Heart are looking for costumes, when Treat Heart comes across a beautiful pink dress. Grams tells her that it would look better on her, that she would be a hit combined with her lovely voice. Treat Heart is still scared. Grams says that even she was once scared to perform in front of people, but she found the courage to try, and now she's the show's main star. In response, Treat Heart still believes she can't do it and leaves to return to her duties. Grams makes a decision: she will have to do something drastic if she could just get Treat Heart to believe in herself.

Meanwhile, in her dressing room, Shreeky is getting ready for the performance, believing that her time has finally come. She throws open her door, assuming it's time to make her entrance, but then Grams walks by. An angry Shreeky orders Beastly to go up to the catwalk above the stage and drop a sandbag on her, but Beastly is deathly afraid of heights. Shreeky shrieks him away.

A huge crowd has gathered for the evening performance. In the wings, Treat Heart asks Grams if she's ready to go on, and Grams begins to warm up her voice. When she can't reach the higher notes, she says she's lost it, and Shreeky will have to go on in her place. Shreeky excitedly heads out on stage and begins to sing in a screechy voice. The crowd doesn't like it, and begins to boo and throw vegetables at her. Not realizing that Shreeky is the one out there, Beastly carries out the sabotage attempt, dropping two sandbags and a piece of scenery. Grams and Treat Heart look on with horror from the wings. Eventually, Beastly finds the right sandbag and it leaves a giant hole in the stage upon impact. At the end of the song, Shreeky is eventually dragged into the hole by her costume, and Beastly falls off the catwalk and into the hole after her.

In desperation, Grams encourages a still nervous Treat Heart to go out and finish the song, because the show must always go on. She puts her pink cape on Treat Heart, and the music begins again as Treat Heart goes on stage. She enchants the audience with her voice, and is given a huge ovation when she finishes. In the hole, Shreeky pounces on Beastly for bungling her plan.

Grams goes out to congratulate Treat Heart, and she notices that Grams' voice came back. Grams says that she only pretended it was gone because she knew that although Shreeky could never replace her, Treat Heart could. Treat Heart embraces Grams, saying that there's nothing you can't do until you try.

As Grams finishes the story, she tells the cubs Treat Heart never stopped trying, and became a huge star. Inspired, Hugs decides to try the tumbling trick, which she lands perfectly. Tugs then asks what happened to Gigi Grams, to which Grams says that it's unclear, but some stories say that she eventually settled down in Care-a-Lot.


  • A running gag in this story is Beastly getting smashed into a wall by an open dressing room door. He gets crushed twice: first by Grams' door, and second by Shreeky's.

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