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Belly Badges (referred to as Tummy Symbols prior to Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!, and Emblems by some fans) are images that depict the role or specialty of the characters that possess it. Each of the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins (with the exclusion of Oopsy) has a unique one on their belly.

In most incarnations, belly badges allow Care Bears to use magic spells according to their outlook; one spell in particular is the Care Bear Stare. Only the CGI films from the 2002 era don't feature the spells. Spells can be activated by will or if a bear simply rubs their tummy, the latter action most often used in the 2007 era. Respectively, many versions of the franchise reveal that belly badges must be used for emergencies only, or as a last resort.

They can also be used to produce what is seen there.

List of badges[]



  • Bedtime Bear - Dark blue sleeping crescent moon with a hanging star
  • Birthday Bear - Pink cupcake with a candle; used to produce a number of cupcakes for a birthday party.
  • Cheer Bear - Arched rainbow; used to produce anything that is made of rainbows.
  • Friend Bear - Two yellow and orange smiling flowers
  • Funshine Bear - Yellow smiling sun (Yellow Sun with shades in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic)
  • Good Luck Bear - Dark green four-leaf clover with heart-shaped petals
  • Grumpy Bear - Dark blue raincloud with raindrops and hearts
  • Love-a-Lot Bear - Red heart with a pink outline and pink heart with yellow outline intertwined; used to produce anything that is made of at least two hearts.
  • Secret Bear - Red heart-shaped padlock; can be used to produce not only padlocks, but also keys as shown in the first movie.
  • Tenderheart Bear - Red heart with a pink outline
  • Wish Bear - Smiling shooting star on a gold rainbow, with three other stars

1980s - 1990s[]







  • Oopsy Bear doesn't have his own Badge, so he draws on his blank circle,