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PrincessAddison1995 PrincessAddison1995 1 February


Is Bluster corrupted and evil like Sunset Shimmer?

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LittleLuluFan1935 LittleLuluFan1935 14 January

This page dosent belong in this wiki!

Do you think this page belongs in this wiki?

Nope!, can someone delete this please?

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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 1 November 2021

Care Bear Horoscope

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Cheetahsweater Cheetahsweater 7 October 2021

Hello world!

Hi everyone, I'm Ana! I'm new here and I hope to be able to contribute as much as I can to this wiki! Let me know what y'all need help with :)

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Omnipop34 Omnipop34 29 August 2021

A Little Fan-Theory/ Au of Unlock the Magic

So, I was watching the Unlock the Magic episode: The Ultimate Bad Seed, and Tender-heart said something that got my fan gears turning. He said, "The only safe place for all that badness is back in its original vessel." And that got me thinking. What if Bluster wasn't bad originally, he became corrupted by an immense source of badness?

Also, it got me thinking of an AU to write about. I love making fan-theories.

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 16 August 2021

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes of Care-a-Lot

Without much reason, here are my top 5 favorite episodes of Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot:

1. Growing Pains

2. Tell-Tale Tummy

3. Harmony: Unplugged

4. Whose Friend is Who?

5. Battle of the Bands

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Songsarah Songsarah 3 July 2021

How we can grow the wiki back?

Maybe, we should have more people here or have someone change the theme (maybe Oasis has its own theme, I'm on FandomDesktop and there's nothing)

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Blewisp Blewisp 31 May 2021

Opinions on Changes to Infoboxes?

Hello! Just wondering what you lot on the wiki think about the more recent changes to the character infobox. I specifically mean the changes to the gender component of the infobox, where if a character is assigned the female marker, the text for "Female" becomes pink and has a venus symbol next to it. The same goes for the "Male" component, only the text is blue and followed by the mars symbol.

I only ask because I know a lot of us on the wiki are opposed to binary ideals of gender and may find it a bit regressive. I want to see what the majority vote is, so, do we like these changes or not? Let me know in the comments!

P.S: Any abusive or overly negative comments will be deleted and the offending user blocked from participation in the wiki.…

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Sacred1CoolGuys Sacred1CoolGuys 28 May 2021



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Blewisp Blewisp 13 February 2021

Opinions needed!

I just wanted to ask everyone's opinion on having voice actor pages on the wiki. I recently found a coding shortcut that allows an external link to sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. During my mass edits, I've noticed that a few characters have their voice actors linked to these sites while others have their own article. Moving forward, should we continue to curate these articles on the wiki or work towards their removal? They just feel a bit off topic to me, but I want to know everyone's opinion on this before I make any changes to these pages.

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Woybff Woybff 5 February 2021

I'm Back

Hey guys, I am back. What did I miss? I am not for sure if Care Bears is a special interest or whatever. How is everyone?

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Blewisp Blewisp 24 January 2021

Note to Self

I got a lot of work done today, even if it was only on a couple of pages. I fully expanded the Take Heart episode page and set it up nicely. I also created the Care Hearts and Grabbergus pages and set them up as well, but I still need to create and add images to them! I'm hoping that I can create a Care Crew and Share Cloud page, as well as an item infobox and make a Care Bears & Cousins navbox too. As I watch the Cae Bears & Cousins series I hope to create pages for the specific POI's too, like Share's treehouse and Adventure Beach.

The biggest item on my to-do list is to create a page organisation manual as well as a Manual of Style. I think this will really help with ensuring that the wiki is nice an uniform, so we can easily address any…

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Blewisp Blewisp 6 January 2021

An Issue With Badges

Hello, I've been doing my best to get some badges and I've noticed that the "Stopping By to Say Hi" badge doesn't appear to be working. Is this because user talk pages are now user message walls? I haven't been able to locate any user talk pages, so I'm assuming they're the same thing due to an update or something like that. Please let me know if this is the case.

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Blewisp Blewisp 29 December 2020

Category Tree

Hello! I've been messing around with the Category tree in some of the other wiki's I'm in, and I realised that this wiki has a lot of uncategorised categories. Is it alright with everyone if I go through these myself, and do some updating to the category tree? It'd enhance users' ability to navigate the site!

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Blewisp Blewisp 16 November 2020

First Edits!

Hello! I finally made some edits around here! I hope they help clarify some things that I didn't quite understand on the first readthrough for other people as well.

That being said, I made a post in the discord but I wanted to ask, would it be okay if I added some official photos of merchandise of the bears? I ask because it feels very important to the Care Bears trademark that the plushies are included in the wiki at the very least. I know that wikis more commonly pertain to forms of digital media than the merchandise associated with them, but I'd really like to take part in setting up a clear and concise database of the plushies and when they were released!

P.S. - I hope no one minds that I changed the pronouns on Funshine's wiki page to g…

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 23 September 2020

Wiki Hero on my birthday!

It's my 22nd birthday and I'm the 1st person to earn the "Wiki Hero!" badge on this wiki!

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GoodVibesOnly1 GoodVibesOnly1 11 September 2020


Hello, Im new, How are you?

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LTPHarry LTPHarry 25 August 2020

My Care Bears Just Play Collection

As of recently, i've been collecting many of the plush toys produced by Just Play for a custom YouTube Care Bears plush series I make, called Care Bears: Care Along. So far, here is who I have in my collection so far:

  • Cheer Bear
  • Funshine Bear
  • Good Luck Bear (I have two of his plush)
  • Grumpy Bear
  • Harmony Bear
  • Laugh-a-Lot Bear
  • Love-a-Lot Bear
  • Share Bear
  • Tenderheart Bear
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LTPHarry LTPHarry 7 July 2020

A warning to anyone tempting to get the new Care Bears plush on Ebay

As some of you may know, the new Care Bears medium plush from Basic Fun! was released in the United States on July 1st as Walmart exclusives. They were promoted as limited edition, and when it's like that, you know what I mean...

So, they ended up selling out, and what-ya-know? I found a whole lot of them on Ebay, commanding even higher prices than their RRP, so this might mean that a majority of the sellers are scalpers who only want the sweet money.

This is totally not a caring thing to do, and my recommendation is to wait until they come back into Walmart stores, and STAY AWAY FROM SCALPERS ON EBAY.

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LTPHarry LTPHarry 30 June 2020

Care Out Loud

Make sure to Care Out Loud out there!

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Twelvie981 Twelvie981 30 May 2020


hi this is me rylan and just joined the wiki

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MadonGrob MadonGrob 26 February 2020

Care Bears: Oopsy’s Songs!: Learn the Alphabet!

Care Bears: Oopsy’s Songs: Learn the Alphabet! is a 2009 soundtrack featuring Oopsy. It has over 20 songs.

Song list: 1. Alphabet Song 2. Alphabet Song (Opera) 3. Alphabet Jam 4. Alphabet Song (Zed Version) 5. Beat the Alphabet! (Remix) 6. Care-a-Lot ABCs 7. If You’re Happy And You Know The Alphabet 8. All Around the Alphabet 9. Alphabet Song (Remix) 10. My Alphabet 11. My Alphabet (Remix) 12. The Alphabet Soup Song 13. Ring Around the Alphabet 14. Fun Alphabet 15. Alphabet Man 16. Alphabet Dance 17. Oopsy’s Alphabet 18. Alphabet Hero 19. Alphabet Duck 20. Alphabet Song (Reprise)

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MissSonic MissSonic 20 October 2019

Remembering The Care Bears

I remember the Care Bears when I was a kid.

I used to have VHSs, books, casettes, figures and plushes.

My favourite care bear was Funshine Bear because he was a happy-go-lucky Care Bear.

I played with the Care Bear plushes. My memories brighten my heart! I love them SO much.

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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 7 September 2019

Care Bears Cast (Naruto) Part 1

  • Bedtime Sasuke
  • Birthday Guy
  • Cheer Sakura
  • Friend Naruto
  • Funshine Shino
  • Good Luck Kakashi
  • Grumpy Lee
  • Love-a-Lot Shikamaru
  • Tenderheart Gaara
  • Wish Hinata

  • Grams Kurenai
  • Hugs Sarada
  • Tugs Mitsuki
  • Share Tsunade
  • Secret Konohamaru
  • Champ Itachi
  • Harmony Ino
  • True Heart Kaguya
  • Daydream Mito
  • Surprise Tenten
  • Take Care Temari
  • Sea Friend Obito
  • Forest Friend Madara
  • Perfect Nagato
  • Polite Boruto
  • I Love You Chocho
  • Prize Kushina

  • Brave Heart Yahiko
  • Bright Heart Neji
  • Losta Heart Chiyo
  • Cozy Heart Karura
  • Gentle Heart Sen
  • Proud Heart Yome
  • Loyal Heart Urashiki
  • Playful Heart Kankuro
  • Swift Heart Toneri
  • Treat Heart Hamura
  • Noble Heart Shikadai
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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 28 August 2019

Human Care Bears

  • 1 Original
  • 2 1980's
  • 3 Cousins
  • 4 2000's
  • 5 2010's

  • Bedtime Brandon
  • Birthday Bruce
  • Cheer Chloe
  • Friend Fabrina
  • Funshine Freddy
  • Good Luck George
  • Grumpy Gordon
  • Love-a-Lot Laura
  • Tenderheart Travis
  • Wish Waverly

  • Grams Glenda
  • Hugs Helen
  • Tugs Tommy
  • Share Shania
  • Secret Stacy
  • Champ Caleb
  • Harmony Hannah
  • True Heart Taylor
  • Daydream (TBA)
  • Surprise Sasha
  • Take Care (TBA)
  • Sea Friend (TBA)
  • Forest Friend (TBA)
  • Perfect Ping
  • Polite Penelope
  • I Love You (TBA)
  • Prize (TBA)

  • Brave Heart Bryon
  • Bright Heart Bertrand
  • Losta Heart Lydia
  • Cozy Heart Caroline
  • Gentle Heart Grace
  • Proud Heart Paisley
  • Loyal Heart Leo
  • Playful Heart Parker
  • Swift Heart Sally
  • Treat Heart Trina
  • Noble Heart Neal
  • Sweet Heart Sabrina
  • Burning Heart (TBA)
  • Romantic Heart Rhonda
  • Soulful Heart Simon

  • Always There Ashley
  • Bashful Heart Bryan
  • Amigo Andy
  • Sweet Dreams So…

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AubreeRubble AubreeRubble 23 June 2019

Question 1

Who's your favorite character from Care Bears?

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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 1 May 2019

Care Bears Happy Hearts

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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 1 May 2019


CareBearWare is the Care Bears version of WarioWare.

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Venz412 Venz412 10 April 2019

Been 5 years

I did not even noticed about that achievement and its seems I will try to relived the first cartoon that I contributed to the wiki by pressing that edit button. now It's been 5 years since I contributed and now. I think It deserved a big return to me. at my humble wiki root.

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CuteYoshi101 CuteYoshi101 9 April 2019

Care Bears Characters As Babies

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Loco123456 Loco123456 10 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - The Lost Edition Petition: Please Sign

Hello everybody,

A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

Link to petition:

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 28 November 2018

The Fabulous Care Bear Safety Game

Who thinks the fabulous care bear safety game is the funniest episode of the entire TV series?

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LunaMouse23 LunaMouse23 22 October 2018

Updates from the Admin!

Hello all! There will be a few changes coming to Care Bear Wiki, and I would like to make you all aware of them:

  • Achievements/Badges will be coming to the wiki soon.
  • New, updated Infoboxes are being developed and will be replacing the existing ones. You can help by using the templates that are coming soon.
  • More Gallery pages will be made. You can help by contributing and captioning high quality images.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and remember, nobody cares like a bear.

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 18 May 2018

Don't know how helpful this would be...

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Wolfpearl378 Wolfpearl378 22 March 2018

Unpopular Opinions on Care Bears

So, this is my first blog post here, and this is about all of my unpopular(?) opinions I have.

  1. I love all generations equally
  2. Despite me listing True Heart Bear and Loyal Heart Dog as my favorite Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin respectively, I love all of them equally
  3. Some of the villians in the franchise are either too scary or too cheesy in my opinion (mostly cheesy)
  4. I like some of the shippings, but I'm not big on shipping multicolored bears with tatoos on their bellies
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Bigsmile00 Bigsmile00 13 February 2018

Care Bears 35 Years Of Caring?

Does anyone have info on the Care Bears 35 Years Of Caring 8" toy line. It seems to have been released by Just Play toys and features the original Care Bear designs (such as orignal Share Bear).

I found it on this ebay page:

However, it doesn't seem to be anywhere else. Not only Amazon or even the Just Play website.

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 27 January 2018


This wiki should have badges

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LunaMouse23 LunaMouse23 23 June 2017

Care Bears Wiki Discord is Live!

Make sure to join our new live chat server for all things wiki and just Care Bears in general! The Discord can be joined by clicking the button on the front page, or by clicking the link below:

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Bigsmile00 Bigsmile00 30 January 2017

"Cool it, Coldheart!" - Star Magazine Issue 5 Question

The Professor Coldheart page contains an image from the story  "Cool it, Coldheart!", which was featured in Star Comics Magazine #5. Does anyone have a scan of the full story. It must have been scanned in order to get the image on the page.


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Woybff Woybff 1 January 2017

Justs Play owns Care Bears?

This is some sad news I found about today. I love Hasbro even know they had some mishappens along the way, but why did they have to lose the Care Bears? It is so unfair this happen. How could of someone prevent this?

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LunaMouse23 LunaMouse23 19 October 2016

Possible Wiki Adoption

I'm LunaMouse23, commonly known as Mouse. I've been fixing things here and there on this wiki for a little while now, and I think that I could do a lot more if I had admin capabilities. Our previous admin, Skunkaru, has not logged in since early March of this year, and I believe that we need a more active one to run things.

If you have questions or concerns, leave them below, please.

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Skunkaru Skunkaru 23 February 2016

Looking to Adopt

Hello, I'm Skunkaru.

Since our only admin hasn't signed in since 2008, I've applied to adopt this wiki.

If you have any opinions on this, please comment below.

Skunkaru (talk) 20:21, February 23, 2016 (UTC)

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Site Looker Site Looker 8 November 2015

more different bears in Nutcracker Suite

The Nutcracker Suite is a good film, and I love Funshine Bear's voice. Although I wish that some other cousin instead of Lotsa Heart went on the mission, I mean both he and Brave Heart were 2 of the main characters in the Adventures in Wonderland, as were Tender Heart and Grumpy; I guess Tender Heart (who I like) and Brave Heart would be involved in a movie adventure because they are leaders, but there are other bears and cousins who really should have had a chance to shine instead of some of the same characters (Lotsa Heart, and maybe Grumpy) who went on a mission in the previous film - it's almost like the animators didn't have much imagination (no offense)!

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Vanguardmaster47 Vanguardmaster47 12 September 2015


Um hello. I'm van. I'm a fan of the Care Bears but I'm kinda shy. And I was wondering if anyone would like to do a Care Bears role play with me. Preferably based off the adventures in care a lot series. If it's not allowed here maybe we can do it on my wiki. Plz leave a message in the comments or on the talk page of this blog if u r interested

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TheCoolWikiDude TheCoolWikiDude 27 May 2015

How Beastly became king

This urban legend tells how Mr. Beastly became King Beastly. After No Heart and his niece Shreekly were banished from Care A Lot, one of No Heart's minions informed Mr. Beastly about No Heart and Shreekly's banishment. Beastly became sad went into exile. For many years he would be unheard from. He underwent a transformation that made him more like a critter, and the Beasties made him king. The End. TheCoolWikiDude (talk) 09:49, May 27, 2015 (UTC)

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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 13 November 2014


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PyroGothNerd PyroGothNerd 2 October 2013

Okay guys...

This wiki is somewhat unorganized. In character descriptions, it's a good idea to have sections in the article covering certain aspects. I'll make an example:

Page for John Doe

Brief summary about which episodes he appeared in, blah blah blah.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Trivia

What John Doe looks like. Include hair color, clothing, etc.

What can John Doe do? Include everything, even abilities that only appeared once

How did John Doe behave? Does he behave differently in different situations?

  • Etc. random "Did you know" things
  • Such as errors made in the show
  • Random little tid bits
  • but try to avoid fan theories, unless it's a really popular theory, then you can mention it, so long as you mention that it's just a theory.

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Kitster25 Kitster25 13 June 2012

Care Bears merchandise

When i was little, i used to have a lot (i can't remember how many) of Care Bear toys and only three stuffed bears(One talks). I also had a few playsets. I also have two care bear dvds (Bedtime Stories and The Last Laugh, but i still watch them). I'll tell you who the stuffed bears names were. A little stuffed Funshine Bear (still have her), a big stuffed Cheer Bear (i don't own this one anymore), a talking Harmony Bear (still have her), and i have another Cheer Bear (still have her), but it's the one from Adventures In Care-a-Lot.

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 3 May 2012

Care Bears Rebooted

The Care Bears are returning, and in a new, snazzy CGI form! All your favorite bears, like Tenderheart Bear, Funshine Bear and Bedtime Bear are back for a new round of adventures and fun.

The program will premiere on June 2nd, and will be the perfect show for the people who grew up in the 1980's and now have children young enough enjoy Care Bears again. A treat for the parents and the kids--that's what a good remake is all about.

So what do you think? Should the care bears have been left alone in their original cartoon form, or is CGI a good idea? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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