Bluster is the main antagonist in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, and the leader of the Bad Crowd. He is voiced by Jason LaShea.

Physical Appearance

Bluster is tall and lanky, and is dark purple in color with a zig-zag pattern crossing his body. He has one tooth protruding from his upper lip, and wears a short, black leather jacket.


Bluster is driven by his ego and narcissism, which has led him to denounce all things good and kind about caring. He is mischievous, and very fond of pranks and other forms of low-brow comedy.

Bluster made an agreement with the "Elder Care Bears" that he would leave The Silver Lining and the Bears would leave him alone, but he quickly broke this deal, hence why he hates caring and the Care Bears.


  • Bluster makes his first videogame appearance in the mobile game Care Bears, Pull the Pin as an obstacle and enemy the player must make the Care Bears avoid, as well as a few other Bad Crowd members.
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