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Bluster is the main antagonist in Unlock the Magic, and the leader of the Bad Crowd.



Bluster is tall and lanky, and is dark purple in color with a zig-zag pattern crossing his body. He has one tooth protruding from his upper lip, and wears a short, black leather jacket.


Bluster is driven by his ego and narcissism, which has led him to denounce all things good and kind about caring. He is mischievous, and very fond of pranks and other forms of low-brow comedy. He also drives the Blustermobile.

At the beginning of the series he seemed to have a lot of respect for Robbie and held her in high regard, praising her and giving her credit for the inventions she made. However, after A Yoorg Awakening their relationship seemed to deteriorate and he started to take credit for her inventions and generally all around treated her poorly.


  • Bluster makes his first videogame appearance in the mobile game Care Bears, Pull the Pin as both an obstacle and enemy the player must make the Care Bears avoid. He is accompanied by a few other Bad Crowd members.
  • It is up to speculation whether this is actually the same Bluster who made the deal with the elder Care Bears, despite testimony from a member of the show's crew (who was a background painter and most likely didn't work on the writing aspect on the show and therefore it is unknown if they are the best source of this information). The markings on the arms of this 'Bluster' who made the deal are different from the character's regular appearance. Bluster is also described as an adolescent which means at most he would be 18/19 years old, meaning that it doesn't make much sense if he made the deal due to the time that he waited to make it. It is highly likely that the 'Bluster' who made the deal with the elder care bears is an ancestor of the current Bluster.
  • Bluster seems to have a distaste for water/getting wet similar to a cat.
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