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The Blustermobile is a vehicle used by Bluster and the Bad Crowd for traveling around the Silver Lining, it was owned by Bluster and it is unknown if either Robbie or Malcolm built it.


Bluster and the Bad Crowd in the Blustermobile.


The vehicle has a slight resemblance of a cadillac or a low rider and its design has two small wheels in the front and two large wheels in the back that are purple with neon yellow and bright green rims, a bad crowd insignia on the front the car, a neon yellow windshield and headlights, a bright green grill, a purple exterior and a teal turquoise body with three spikey fins on the back and brown front doors.

The car is also equipped with a variety of gadgets like a large catapult for launching objects, an autopilot (which is just a blow up dummy of Bluster), a claw for grabbing things and a cage for trapping whiffles as well.