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Captain Graybeard is a supporting character who appeared in the first half of the 29th episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "The Pirate Treasure". When Mr. Beastly tricks Champ Bear and Treat Heart Pig into capture aboard his submarine, Captain Greybeard rescues them and helps them rout Beastly.


Captain Greybeard is a human pirate who stands several heads taller than the Care Bears. He has light skin, round cheeks, and a hooked nose, and has grey hair tied back in a ponytail. He wears a long grey beard and a mustache, and his outfit is in the style of a classic fictional pirate: a long red coat, blue pants which are tucked into black boots, a grey belt with a gold buckle, a light blue shirt with gold buttons, and a golden earring in his left ear. On his head, he wears a tricorn hat emblazoned with a cartoonish Jolly Roger.


Despite the reputation pirates have, Captain Greybeard is actually quite nice. Good-humored and warm-hearted, while he gets a mischievous chuckle out of startling Baby Hugs and Tugs upon first encountering him, he swiftly reassures them they have nothing to fear. This kind personality extends to a desire to help Hugs and Tugs rescue Champ Bear and Treat Heart Pig; spurred to correct the injustice, he provides the cubs with pirate garb to wear as they set sail to foil Beastly's latest plot. He dislikes Mr. Beastly, referring to him as a "scurvy water rat with pointy ears", and worries for Champ and Treat Heart's safety upon hearing about them from the cubs.

As with most pirates in fiction, the good Captain speaks with stereotypical pirate slang, calling the cubs "mateys" and using "arrgh" as an emphatic statement. This doesn't detract from his intelligence, however: cunningly predicting Mr. Beastly's greed won't let him resist the promise of treasure, Captain Greybeard sails his gold-laden ship out and leaves a rope ladder for Beastly to board, before cornering him in a one-on-one sword duel.

Original series[]

Care Bears Family TV series[]

When Champ Bear, Treat Heart Pig, and Baby Hugs and Tugs go to a remote island for a day at the beach, they come across a map to a supposed pirate treasure hidden somewhere nearby. In reality, the map was fake drawn up by Mr. Beastly to lure the bears into a trap, and ends up capturing Champ and Treat Heart in his submarine while the cubs are off playing on their own.

In a strange twist of fate, however, the island is indeed home to an actual pirate treasure (and the pirate himself), both of which the cubs find behind a waterfall. Introducing himself as "The jolliest pirate that ever sailed the seven seas", Graybeard tells them that he saw Beastly make off with their friends to No Heart’s storm cloud, and offers to help rescue them. Catching up to Beastly's sub, which suffered major damage due to a shark attack, Graybeard and the cubs are able to ambush the villain, who ends up retreating. After everything is resolved, the good captain joins his new friends for some wind surfing. The Pirate Treasure

In other languages:
Spanish: Capitán Barbagris ("Captain Graybeard")

Portuguese: Capitão Barbacinzenta ("Captain Graybeard")

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