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Care-A-Lot is the second song by Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan and John Hoier with additional voices by Anita Ferry, Monica Lauren and Christina Applegate from "The Care Bears Adventures in Care-a-Lot" album.


Look in your heart to find Care-A-Lot A cloud can be free A Land of warm and gentle thoughts A Path the clouds can bring

A rainbow tumbling easily Where bears can play all day

Hearts and stars and fluffy clouds For bears to tumble in Where floating islands in the sky Are where your dreams begin

You can slide on down a rainbow Close your eyes and look with glee

Open your imagination Can't you see the bears go by Drifting along on a soft cloud You just have to open your eyes

There's always room in Care-A-Lot For people with a dream You join the bears that live up there And see what feelings mean

Yes there's a place for you my friend Where dreams are all you need

Lalalalalalala lalalalalala lalalalalalala lalalalalala...