Cloud Car
Care-a-Lot is the primary setting of the series. It is the home of the Care Bears as well as the Care Bear Cousins. It is made of fluffy white clouds, rainbows, and star and heart shaped creatures.

The name bears a resemblance to "Camelot", and is pronounced identically with the exception of the altered consonant ('r' instead of 'm') based on the incorporation of the word "Care".


Care a lot

It is located on clouds where they possess advanced technology that allows them to use cloud- powered vehicles and build houses on the clouds (These are also, mainly, made of clouds). The clouds are thick enough to walk on. Small rain clouds (which fade away quickly) can be used as showers.

As with most locations within the Kingdom of Caring, there are a lot of Hearts and stars incorporated into the architecture. The houses are simple in design.

Notable Structures


  • Several of the bears have names with a common theme of being similar to Care-a-lot:
  1. Laugh-a-Lot Bear
  2. Love-a-Lot Bear
  3. Play-a-Lot Bear
  4. Thanks-a-Lot Bear
  5. Lotsa Heart Elephant
  • It was named after King Arthur's traditional homeland, Camelot.

Names in other languages

Latin America - Quiéreme Mucho ("Much Love Me")

Brazil - Nuvem Rosa ("Pink Cloud")

Russia - Доброляндия ("Kindland"), Заботия (something like 'Care-a-lot' but with a suffix; was used in the movie 'Journey to Joke-a-lot')

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