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"Care-a-Lot" is a song written and preformed by Carole King from The Care Bears Movie.

It serves as the opening song for the movie, and it plays when the Care Bears find Kim and Jason moping and decide to help them. A reprise of the song also plays during the end credits of the movie.


Care-a-lot is a place we all can go
Whenever we choose it
Care-a-lot is a feeling we all know
We never do lose it

We can find a secret place
To rest and make a new start
If you don't know where it is
Look inside your heart

Care-a-lot is a playground you can find
For sliding and swinging
Carousels playing music in your mind
For dancing and singing

Sometimes you feel so glad
Sometimes you feel blue
Share your feelings, it's not bad
Feelings are just you

When you're lonely, don't you fret
You're not alone, you just tend to forget
Care-a-lot is easily found
You've been there and you have friends who care
Don't you let your sadness get you down

It always helps when you sing a song
Good cheer carries you along
Through darkness leads to sunlight
A new day comes--it's all right

Care-a-lot is a place you'd like to be
Riding on a cloud
You'll care a lot, it's a rainbow fantasy
For laughing out loud

Care-a-lot is a place we all can go
Come to Care-a-lot, it's a place we all can go
Come to Care-a-lot