The remaining 4 Care Bear Cousins

The Care Bear Cousins are Care Bear characters who are various other animals rather than being bears. They originally lived in The Forest of Feelings.

In the newer series, they moved to Care-a-Lot to protect the Earth from evil.

History & Appearances

The Care Bears Movie

In the first feature film, the Cousins are first discovered by KimJasonFriend Bear, and Secret Bear when their trip to the Rainbow Rescue Beam puts them in the Forest of Feelings rather than down on Earth.

The Cousins are very similar to the Care Bears, except they lack Belly Badges (They received them at the end of the movie). This is how the Cousin Call is first discovered. 

Care Bears TV series

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

A different backstory for the cousins is given in the second movie. While the Care Bears discovered them in the first, now the Cousins had initially known them while being raised by True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse, though they still moved to their main home, The Forest of Feelings.

This can be explained by viewing the first movie as a midquel rather than a prequel.  

The Care Bears Family

The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

Care Bears Nutcracker Suite

Care Bears and Cousins



  • All of the Care Bear Cousins received a redesign for the 2003 relaunch toyline except for Noble Heart Horse and Treat Heart Pig.
  • Rather than the Care Bear Stare, the cousins use the Care Cousins Call.
  • Cozy Heart Penguin is the only member of the Care Bears Family who is not a mammal, but a bird.
  • Only 4 Cousins are shown in the latest show, Care Bears and Cousins.
  • Every single Care Bear Cousin has a heart in their belly badge and has "Heart" as a middle name.


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