Care bear stare

The Care Bear Stare is an ability that most members of the Care Bear Family possess. The primary uses of this ability are to defeat the Care Bears' enemies and to heal people and objects that have been corrupted by them.


In the Nelvana Series episode "Bright Heart's Bad Day" the process is explained by Brave Heart as finding their centre, focusing their emotions and forcing the energy out of their symbols. The tummy symbol is used for this ability.

The Care Bear Cousin's version of this ability in the DiC episodes and the two Nelvana movies was referred to as the Care Bear Cousin Call, which functioned same way.

In Oopsy Does It! and Adventures In Care-A-Lot, the stare is a way of cheering anyone up. All the bears (except Oopsy) can use it.


Funshine Using His Stare In Oopsy Does It


Funshine and Grumpy using the stare on Oopsy in King of the Gobblebugs

In the Welcome to Care-a-Lot series, all Care Bears (except Wonderheart Bear) can use the stare. It can carry a distress signal or unlock their special belly badge ability. The color of the stare is based on the color of the badge.



The Care Bear Stare in the colors of the rainbow

The Care Bear Stare in the form of a rainbow

When the Stare/Call is used it creates a ray of light that is usually filled with hearts and stars and also it glitters. When it strikes a major enemy of the Care Bear Family, it appears to harm them; when it hits someone or something who has been affected by one of their enemies, it appears to heal them. Beastly is the only enemy who has been seen to be affected to a greater degree, occasionally starting to act very nice when struck by the stare.