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Care Bears: Care Quest (Known in-game as Care Bears: The Care Quests) is a 2005 Game Boy Advance game featuring the titular Care Bears. It was developed by Sirius Games and published by The Game Factory.


The game itself consists of 12 different games, each for a different Care Bear. Within each game itself, there are between 8 and 15 levels.

Bears such as Bedtime Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Cheer Bear all appear in their respective levels and minigames. These games range from easy to difficult in intensity.

It's Good to Have Friends[]

A simple matching game where as Friend Bear, the player must match two Care Bears that have the same toy.


Funshine Bear has to look for his other Care Bear friends. They pop out of places to make it easier for them to spot. The player must find them.

All We Need is Love[]

As Love-a-Lot Bear, the player must match two Starbuddies in a row using hearts.

A Helping Hand[]

As Cheer Bear, the player collects stars and uses rainbow power to allow the Starbuddies to avoid obstacles.

Let's Play[]

A simple Tennis game where the player, as Champ Bear, must beat another Care Bear in a "Best of 11" game.

Sweet Dreams[]

As Bedtime Bear, the player must use sleeping dust to make the other Care Bears go to sleep.

The Sun Always Shines[]

A platforming game where as Grumpy Bear, the player must reach to the other side where the sun is, all while avoiding raindrops.

Always Look on the Bright Side[]

As Laugh-a-Lot Bear, the player must use her Belly Badge powers on the other Care Bears to make them laugh.

I Will Look After You[]

Riding a skateboard, the player must control Tenderheart Bear as he uses his Belly Badge powers on the Starbuddies and avoid bottomless pits.

Let's Share[]

As Share Bear, the player has to give a respective toy to a Starbuddy.

Lucky Day[]

As Good Luck Bear, the player shoots clovers at the other Care Bears so they don't bump into obsticles.

When Dreams Come True[]

As Wish Bear, the player must give the respective toy to the Care Bear who is waiting.