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Care Bears The Original Series Collection is a US/Canadian boxset that contains sixty-four episodes of The Care Bears Family on six double-sided DVDs, including the full length movie Care Bears: The Nutcracker, and was released on October 9, 2012.



Disc 1, Side A (Adventures in Care-a-Lot)[]

Disc 1, Side B (Kingdom of Caring[]

Disc 2, Side A (Festival of Fun)[]

Disc 2, Side B (Magical Adventures)[]

Disc 3, Side A (Season of Caring)[]

Disc 3, Side B (Share a Scare)[]

Disc 4, Side A (The Gift of Caring)[]

Disc 4, Side B (Hearts at Sea)[]

Disc 5, Side A (Care Bears: The Nutcracker)[]

Disc 5, Side B (Friends Forever)[]

Disc 6, Side A (Fitness Fun)[]

Disc 6, Side B (')[]