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Care Bears: To the Rescue  is the second movie in the Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot series. It was released on April 3rd, 2010.


You're invited to the biggest celebration of the year - the Care-a-Lot Awards - where all the Care Bears come together to award their heroes who have spread caring and sharing throughout the year! Whether it's Cheer Bear helping a baby Gobblebug build a new home, Funshine Bear rescuing the Nimbits, or Bedtime Bear and Grumpy Bear stopping a machine from running amok all over town, the Care Bears are always ready for helpful hero fun in this awesome adventure!


It's the day of the annual Care-a-Lot rescue awards, and all the Care Bears are heading to the theater to watch it. Oopsy and Grumpy are backstage, as the latter is making a remote. Oopsy asks to help, but Grumpy doesn't allow him in case of any "Oopsies". Grumpy then explains to Oopsy what it's use for, and then realises the show has just started. Share Bear is hosting the show, and showcases who did great, but everyone is a winner in trying as well, and begins to sing Who's It Gonna Be Tonight.

After the last segment is shown off, Bedtime accepts his award to which Share mentions that Grumpy had won it as well, to which the two Bears realise isn't there. Bedtime heads up to the podium while Grumpy is still locked up under the stage. He tries to get Oopsy to help, which he isn't too sure what to do and goes up the stage. Grumpy then finds a latch under the stage and with Funshine's belly badge power, Oopsy uses the sun to make a saw to let Grumpy free. Grumpy then goes up on stage with the trophy and makes a speech, while Oopsy says his and Bedtime's win were diserved, and wishing he'd have a trophy sometime. However, Share suddenly announces that an award was added by the judges for the most Unlikely Rescue, which was won by Oopsy, to-which he is happy to finally win. However, there are no more trophies left, but Grumpy allows Share to duplicate his trophy. Oopsy is now happy to have finally win a trophy, as Grumpy, Oopsy, Bedtime and Share sing a reprise of Who's It Gonna Be Tonight. Share then speaks talking to the audience that they are winners in what they do as well, while Oopsy ends the movie by accidently blacking out the theater using Grumpy's remote, which all he can say is "Oopsy".



  • Unusually, unlike the other Care Power Team movies, To the Rescue is more of a vignette movie, featuring three 22-minute segments.

DVD Special Features[]

  • "Gobble Bug Rescue Mission" Interactive Game
  • Trailer Gallery
  • English 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio