Care Bears: Unlock the Magic is a 2019 animated series featuring the Care Bears, and is the most recent reboot of the franchise.


Unlock the Magic follows the Care Bears on the road for the very first time. The bears are traveling through a new land outside of Care-a-Lot, "The Silver Lining", home to strange and unknown creatures such as Dibble, a Whiffle.

Bluster, a member of the "Bad Crowd" has come once again to cause havoc in the Silver Lining despite his earlier agreement with the elder Care Bears to stay away from it in return for them leaving him alone. It is up to the Care Bears to protect the Whiffles and the Silver Lining as well.

Background & Production

Unlock the Magic is a Cartoon Network and Boomerang exclusive series. It was developed by Cloudco Entertainment. The first ten episodes of the first season are currently available to view on Boomerang platforms.

Additionally, a series of animated shorts are viewable on the official Care Bears YouTube Channel.


US: Boomerang Streaming Service, Boomerang channel, Cartoon Network

United Kingdom: Tiny Pop


Season 1

  1. The Beginning
  2. A Patch of Perturbed Petunias
  3. Nobody's Perfect
  4. A Yoorg Awakening

    Model sheets for the Care Bears.

  5. Rain Rain Go Away
  6. Waffle Cones for Whiffles
  7. The Big Whifflesnooze
  8. Mixed Signals
  9. Funshine's Unfun Day
  10. Festival of Hearts
  11. The Great Giggle

Season 2

  1. On the Trail of the Cloud Bouncer
  2. Riffle the Whiffle
  3. Festival of Hearts
  4. An Almost Eggless Easter
  5. A Wish-Full Reuinion
  6. The Birthday That Wasn't
  7. The Big Rumble
  8. Three Cheers for Cheer!
  9. The Badge of Courage






  • The main bears are the “Core 10” from 2002 with Friend Bear being replaced by Harmony Bear.