Care Bear Wiki

These plushes are a bit larger than the standard versions, and don't come in display boxes.

Bedtime Bear[]

Bedtime was the first to be released. He was first listed on in June 2020 and released in Mid-August 2020 in the United States, and in September 2020 in Canada and the United Kingdom. He is an Amazon-exclusive in the United States. He also comes with the Golden Care Coin attached in a bag on his left ear.

Later releases of the plush come in an Amazon Delivery Box with Bedtime on it.

Birthday Bear[]

In December 2020, listed a scented Birthday Bear Plush on their site in the same size. The plush was released on January 29, 2021 in the United States, and March 2021 in the United Kingdom, also as an Amazon-exclusive. He is scented with the smell of cupcakes, which comes from a little scenting bag inside the head of the plush, in-between his eyes. He also comes with the Golden Care Coin attached in a bag on his left ear.

Birthday is 16-inches, although he is 19-inches if his hat is included. Some versions of the plush come in a Amazon delivery box that features him on.

In September 2021, the tag for Birthday Bear was changed to a newer one.

Togetherness Bear[]

In June 2021, a 16-inch version of Togetherness Bear was sold as part of a QVC-exclusive bundle in the United States, which also comes with a Cheer Bear beanie plush, a Poster, a bracelet and some stickers. She was released in October 2021 on QVC's store and was later released on QVC UK's store in Early 2022.

Care-a-Lot Bear[]

A 16-inch Care-a-Lot Bear was sold as an Amazon exclusive in the United States as part of a bundle with a tote bag, known as the "Slumber Party Set" in August 2022.