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This range of plush is 9-inches in size. These plushes come with large toy-tags attached to their right ear and an embossed Belly Badge.

Standard Beanie Plush[]

Wave 1 (2020)[]

The first wave of Bean plush was released in August 2020 in the United States and United Kingdom, and in September 2020 in Canada. Even though each Bear has an individual UPC, they may still be listed as an assortment meaning if you order them online you are not guaranteed to get the one you want.

The UK and Canadian versions have larger, multi-language tags, although these have since been replaced with smaller ones, and the current releases have Care Bears logo tags.

Wave 2 (2021)[]

These plushes are the last beanies to come with a fold-out tag on their ear.

Love-a-Lot Bear[]

A Love-a-Lot Bear Beanie was previously leaked alongside the other beanies on The plush was later released in February 2021 in the United States through Target and through Amazon in May.

It was released in the United Kingdom and Canada in July.

Wish Bear[]

The Wish Bear beanie was originally issued off to select fans in February as part of a Care Bears Care Package, and later saw an official release in May on Amazon.

It was released in the United Kingdom and Canada in July.

Wave 3 (Late 2021?)[]

The third wave is the first to include the Bears with logo tags.

Togetherness Bear[]

On Amazon, a Togetherness Bear beanie was pictured for a while before being removed. It was later re-added with the official picture of it and later was released to Walmart stores in July 2021.

Birthday Bear[]

Birthday's beanie was originally leaked on the Bliss Distribution website, and was released in July 2021 in the US at Walmart stores, and August 2021 in the UK in independent toy stores.

Bedtime Bear[]

Bedtime's Beanie was released in Walmart stores in July 2021.

Laugh-a-Lot Bear[]

A standard Laugh-a-Lot Bear Beanie has been shown off on the Basic Fun! website and has been infrequently seen in select Target stores in the US. It is currently available as part of a set with Bedtime and Birthday on Walmart's website.

Wave 4 (2022)[]

Dream Bright Bear[]

Dream Bright Bear's Beanie was leaked in November 2021 in Bliss Distribution's website, with an image of it surfacing on Abgee in Mid-January. She was given as a test release as a limited prize during the Care Bears launch event at Dough & Arrow in California on April 16, 2022. She was released in the United Kingdom in May, and was later released as part of a 3- plush bundle sold on Walmart's website in August 2022.

I Care Bear[]

I Care Bear was released in Walmart stores in Mid-July 2022. He was released in the UK in 2023.

As with the standard I Care Bear, this plush is an "Eco Plush", being made out of recycled materials, with his toy tag being made out of paper and soy ink.

Wave 5 (2023)[]

Dare to Care Bear[]

A Dare to Care Bear Beanie was released in 2023.

Sweet Celebrations Bear[]

Sweet Celebrations Bear was initially released in Asian territories such as Singapore throughout the end of 2022-Early 2023, and was released in the United Kingdom within Mid-2023, depending on area, before gaining a wide release in July 2023.

Wave 6 (2024)[]

Love Song Bear[]

Peaceful Heart Bear[]

Blissful Heart Bear[]