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Care Bears Care About You is a song composed by Robert Chimbel and Merry Loomis. It is also the first track on The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings: Original Soundtrack.


Who can brighten up your day?
Who can smile and chase the blues away?
Who can lend a helping hand?
The Care Bears can!
They Care a lot about you!
Who can keep you warm at night?
Who can cuddle up and hold you tight?
Who can paint a wonderland?
The Care Bears can!
They Care a lot about you!
I'm Tenderheart!
I'm Funshine! I spread a little sunshine!
I'm Grumpy Bear, for when you feel blue!
I'm Love-a-Lot!
I'm Birthday Bear!
I'll Cheer you up and show I care!
I'm Bedtime, I'll dream along with you!
I'm Wish Bear!
I'll bring you luck!
I'll be your Friend when you get stuck!
Care Bears care about you!
Who can make you laugh out loud?
Who can ride a rainbow through a cloud?
Who will always see you through?
Care Bears care a lot about you!



Land Without Feelings Song 1 - Care Bears Care About You


  • Good Luck Bear is the only bear in the special who is not introduced by some form of his name.