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Care Bears Care About the Environment was the first relaunch for the Care Bears franchise, done in 1991 as a joint-deal between American Greetings and Kenner.


The relaunch was done to spread awareness to how the environment was being tarnished, and that now their new caring mission is based on that, the Care Bears were given an all new look for this purpose with brand new Tummy Symbols.

However, the relaunch did poorly, and a planned second wave for 1992 was cancelled, and leaving the Care Bears franchise on hiatus.


In most material, including the toyline, the central cast of characters included a new character - Proud Heart Bear, a white Bear who showed how proud the United States/Canada was. Other characters were:

Other Bears that had plushes planned, but were cancelled included a new Bear named Precious Heart Bear, who had a secret tummy storage in her belly. Other Bears included:

Bears that only appeared in print books included: