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The Care Bears Comic was a comic book series first published in 1985.


The Care Bears Comic was the first comic produced for the franchise. It consisted of twenty issues, which were produced by Star Comics (an imprint of Marvel) from 1985-87. Once the imprint was dissolved, the remaining six issues were published directly through Marvel until 1989.[1] It featured the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins helping out children and going up against multiple villains, many of which were never seen in any other iteration of the franchise.


Care Bears[]

Care Bear Cousins[]


Supporting Characters[]

  • Adora - A girl who was crowned the princess of the parade of posies and was happy until everyone around her becomes jealous.
  • Dick - A boy who was enjoying his time on the beach until the weather made a sudden change.
  • Jane - A girl who was enjoying her time on the beach until the weather made a sudden change.



  1. The Plot to Steal Summer
  2. The Green-Eyed Monster
  3. Blue Who?
  4. The Scare Bear
  5. The Very First Care Bear
  6. The Great Television Adventure
  7. The Saddest Man in the World
  8. The Disappearing Town
  9. The Great Computer Disaster
  10. The Creepy Unsleepy Mystery
  11. The Who-Cares Bears
  12. The Magic Paint
  13. Ball Bearings
  14. Care Bears Meet the Ninja Bread Man
  15. A Case of the Grumps
  16. The Uncouth Tooth Fairy
  17. No-Heart's Rhyme Crimes
  18. The Sand Witch
  19. Fun & Games Land
  20. Meet the McMonsters