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Care Bears Denim Collection Plush is a plush variant range from Basic Fun!, featuring textured designs based on the Denim design, although it is simply printed fabric and not real Denim.

Similarity to other plushes released during 2023, these are "Eco" plushes, made out of recycled material and plastic bottles.

Release History[]

The range was first showcased at the 2022 Dallas Toy Fair. While plushes of the main six Care Bears were shown (Cheer, Share, Grumpy, Funshine, Good Luck and Tenderheart) at the event, only Cheer, Share and Grumpy have officially made it to market at the moment.

They were released in Mid-August 2023 in the United States as an Amazon exclusive, however they lack the boxes that other Care Bears plushes have, instead simply having a tag in it's left ear (akin to the "fustration-free" packaging variants of the Bears).

The plushes saw a release in Canada at the beginning of September 2023. They are a Toys 'R' Us Canada exclusive, and do feature boxes.

Cheer Bear[]

Share Bear[]

Grumpy Bear[]

Funshine Bear[]

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Good Luck Bear[]

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Tenderheart Bear[]

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