Care Bear Wiki

The Care Bears Forever NFT Collection was a website that launched in July 2022, as part of a partnership between Cloudco Entertainment and Recur, a company that focuses on releasing NFTs based on licensed properties.

The site closed in January 2024.


The site functions like any other NFT sale site, where consumers can purchase NFTs depicting various Care Bears in different poses and forms. The art style is similar to that used on other NFT sale websites.

Bears Featured[]

Care Bears featured on the NFTs are of the original 10 Care Bears:

Metaverse Bears[]

The website has seen the introduction of five exclusive Bears, named the "Metaverse Bears", which are named after the Metaverse term.


The initial announcement in December 2021 gained controversy with fans, due to the status of NFTs being harmful to the enviroment and being overall useless. There have even been reports that employees of Cloudco Entertainment were against the idea, but could not do anything about it.