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The Care Bears Giant Plush is the largest plush size of Care Bears produced by Basic Fun!, being over 36 inches tall (3ft), making them bigger than the jumbo plush, which are 24 inches tall.

Publically-released plushes[]

At New York Toy Fair 2020, a large Bedtime Bear plush was showcased as a prop for photo shoots. In Late-September 2020, Bedtime, alongside Cheer Bear and Share Bear, were released in the United States and Canada as a Costco exclusive. They were not released in the United Kingdom.


Togetherness Bear and Care-a-Lot Bear have also been shown as Giant Plushes in images, but no physical release of them exist. They only existed as prototypes for the Jumbo Plush size.

Only two Giant Care-a-Lot Bears exist, one of them being used at the Care Bears booth at KidzCon 2022 in Anaheim, California, and now lies in the hands of collector LuckyBearToys, while the other is located at Basic Fun!'s head office.

It is very likely that only one Giant Togetherness Bear prototype exists, which may also lie in the hands of Basic Fun!.