Care Bear Wiki

The Care Bears Limited Edition Plush is a special range of plush by HeadStart for the Australian market. These plushes are made in low quantities (normally 3000 or 6000) exclusively at BIG W stores, and come with a certificate of Authenticity.

Standard Limited Edition Plush[]


The first Limited Edition plush was of Christmas Wishes Bear. It sold for $39 AUD, with 3000 plushes produced.


Seven limited edition plushes were released in 2019. These all retailed for $39 AUD, each have only 3000 produced, although Christmas Wishes was produced at a larger amount of 5000.


Four limited edition plushes were released in 2020, all retailing for $39 AUD. Each Bear had a different amount of plush produced (Funshine - 3000, Bedtime - 2000, Christmas Wishes - 5000) and was the last year to feature the 2012 designs.


Seven limited edition plushes were produced in 2021. Headstart transitioned to the Unlock the Magic style this year. The price was increased to $49 AUD, once again only having 3000 produced except for Sweet Dreams, which 6000 were produced of, and Christmas Wishes, which 5000 were produced of.

Love A Lot and Work of Heart are Big W exclusives, while Cheer is a Toyworld exclusive.


Seven limited edition plushes were produced in 2022, All being BIG W exclusives for $39 AUD, except for Wish Bear, who is a Woolworths exclusive.


Once again, the Bears retail for $39, and 3000 of each are produced.

Retro Limited Edition Plush[]

These represent the retro designs of the Bears. So far, four have been released - Cheer (2021), Love-a-Lot (2022) Cozy Heart Penguin (2023) and Loyal Heart Dog (2023). Cheer and Love-a-lot are BIG W exclusives, with 3000 produced of each while the cousins are exclusive to AusPost, with 2500 produced of each.