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Care Bears Micro Plush are the smallest Care Bears plush range created by Basic Fun!. The plushes are three-inches tall and come in plastic display boxes (United Kingdom) or in replicas of the standard plush boxes (United States).

The Micro Plush set was first leaked in June 2021, and were released in the United Kingdom in August 2021, initially as a Tesco-store exclusive before releasing nationwide.

They did not see a release in the United States until 2023, and beforehand were showcased at the 2022 Dallas Toy Fair. Series 1 consists of Cheer, Good Luck, Grumpy, Harmony and Laugh-a-Lot. Series 2 consists of Friend, Bedtime, Hopeful Heart, Togetherness, Care-a-Lot, among others.


Series 1 (2021 and 2023)[]

Series 2 (2023, UK)[]

Series 2 (2023, US)/Series 3 (2024, UK)[]

Series 3 (2023, US)[]

Series 4 (2024, UK)[]