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Chris: You said it was gonna have a lot of fights and battles and...
Holly: But there are a lot of fights and battles in the show!
Holly: You can't just change the story, Chris!
Miss Walker: Actually, Holly, Tchaikovsky's ballet is only one of the many different ways the original story has been re-told.
Holly: Can you tell us your favorite version of the Nutcracker story? (kids cheering as they gather around with Miss Walker)
Miss Walker: My favorite version of the story was told to me by some friends of mine: the Care Bears.
Holly: The Care Bears are your friends?
Miss Walker: That's right, Holly.
(One of the Nutcracker pieces, "Dance of the Reed Flutes," is heard while Care Bear babies Hugs and Tugs run up a cloudy hill to grab a star.)
Brave Heart Lion: Well, Hugs and Tugs, have you found your own special ornament?
Baby Hugs: No, Brave Heart!
Baby Tugs: All the other Care Bears have special ornaments of their own, and so should we!
Funshine Bear: Can somebody help me? I've just spotted a little girl down on Earth through the star telescope. Her name is Anna and she's really sad!
Brave Heart Lion: What? But it's Christmas! Everybody should be happy!
Funshine Bear: Grumpy! You're just the person I need.
Grumpy Bear: Why always me?
(Another Nutcracker piece, "Trepak (Russian Dance)," is heard as Funshine and Grumpy Bear are catching snowflakes with their tongues (only Grumpy Bear is failing to do so).)
(As "Trepak" nears its close, Funshine and Grumpy Bear crash their "cloud car" into a chimney and fall down it. As a result, their car disappears.)
Funshine Bear: Thanks, Grumpy! (climbs through the window before a soot-covered Grumpy Bear closes it) Why are you all black?
Grumpy Bear: Because I like to be all black!
Rat King: They're getting away! STOP THEM!
(Anna and Nutcracker accidentally push her brother Peter, Funshine Bear, and Grumpy Bear into a coat rack and they bounce backward with it.)
Rat King: A-HA!
(The coat rack, with Peter, Funshine Bear, and Grumpy Bear inside, is seen bouncing forward.)
Peter: Nutcracker!?
Funshine Bear: Those flowers won't hold them for long!
Nutcracker: They work for the evil vizier who's trying to control all of Toyland!
Peter: Yippee!
Rat King: Lemme through!
(Funshine fires flowers and a rainbow from his chest, hitting the rat soldiers and knocking them back.)
(Grumpy creates a storm cloud, which zaps the Rat King in the back.)
Funshine and Grumpy: CARE BEAR STARE!!!
(Funshine and Grumpy both blast the rats and their king with Care bear stares, sending them back through the doorway from whence they came.)
(Funshine and Grumpy send rainbows from their bodies. The signals are seen all the way to Care-A-Lot. Tenderheart turns around and notices the signals.)
Tenderheart Bear: It's Funshine and Grumpy's distress signal!
Peter: Tenderheart and Brave Heart Lion!
Anna: And Lotsa Heart Elephant!
(Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs poke their heads up from the blanket, since they have stowed away.)
Funshine and Grumpy: Hugs and Tugs?
Grumpy Bear: I think they'd better stay here with Peter.
Baby Hugs: We're supposed to stay here, remember?
Baby Tugs: But think of all the special Christmas tree ornaments we could find there!
Holly: This story is really great!
Miss Walker: Thank you, Holly.
Evil Vizier: Your little wooden friend is doomed... and so is Toyland, and Christmas!
Clown: ATTACK! ATTACK! (The toys come charging.)
Clown: We weren't attacking you; we just wanted your train.
Funshine Bear: (a little annoyed) There's a difference?!
Clown: Well, no. But if you were smart, you'd do what my friends and I are trying to do...
Clown: Get out of Toyland!
Nutcracker: But we're here to save Toyland!
Funshine Bear: Who did this to you?!
Clown: It's a long story.
Tenderheart Bear: Well, we have all the time you need.
(The scene transitions to a recap of what happened in Toyland.)
Clown: ...the day when the Vizier and his army of rats overthrew the prince of Toyland!
Anna: What happened to the prince?
Clown: No one knows for sure. Some say he was killed in a big fight with the Vizier!
Clown: Toyland Castle is surrounded by an army of rats!
Nutcracker: Then just follow me! (walks but then trips and falls before all the toys start laughing)
Clown: (laughs) Some leader! He can't even stand on his own two feet! (The toys continue laughing.)
Rat King: ATTACK! GRAB THE NUTCRACKER! (The Rat King and his army begin charging.)
(The Rats are seen grabbing the Nutcracker's legs while Anna is pulling him back.)
Tenderheart Bear: CARE BEAR STARE! (The rats are blasted off the Nutcrackers' legs before he is pulled to safety.)
Baby Hugs: What are we going to do, Tugs?
Baby Tugs: I don't know, Hugs. We'll never find our own special Christmas ornament in here!
(Another Nutcracker piece, "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" plays as Nutcracker, Anna, Brave Heart Lion, and Funshine Bear walk backwards before we pan to Grumpy Bear, Clown, Lotsa Heart Elephant, and Tenderheart Bear also walking backwards. We then cut to all of them walking backwards before the Nutcracker accidentally bumps into Grumpy Bear and the others, resulting in them all yelling.)
Peter: Well, everyone is scared of the dark sometimes. I'll bet, even you!
Rat King: Me? HA! I've spent my whole life in the dark!
(The Sugar Plum Fairy flies to the top of the tree and points at a walnut at the top of it.)
Grumpy Bear: A walnut?! You mean the ring was in that walnut all along?
Anna: What a clever idea!
(The Care Bears are seen standing on each other in an attempt to get the walnut off the tree.)
(The Evil Vizier attempts to cut the walnut open with a knife, but a magical noise is heard which stuns him as the knife comes out of his hands.)
Evil Vizier: YOU are the cause of this! Well, have you forgotten? I have my own nut-cracker now! OPEN IT!
Nutcracker: You'll get his ring!
Anna: (while being dragged away by rat guards) No, Nutcracker! Don't give in! What about Toyland? What about Christmas?
Evil Vizier: (laughing evilly) I won, as I knew I would!
Anna: He's the prince!
NC: (shocked) Whoa, I -- shit! (slams hands on desk)
Evil Vizier: NO! Toyland is mine! I'll never give it up!
(The Evil Vizier proceeds to blast the Nutcracker, who uses his magical ring to cause the Vizier's ray to bounce off the ring and off the floor and destroy him.)
Nutcracker: Your reign is over, Vizier! And now, as Prince of Toyland, I command the Vizier's spell over the land to be gone FOREVER!
(The dark clouds begin to part, making way for the sunshine.)
Anna: I wish you could come with us.
Nutcracker: Oh, Anna, I'll miss you, too.
Anna: (as tears form from her eyes) I know, but that doesn't make it easier.
Anna: (stunned by magical noise) Huh?
(A black portal appears before Peter and the Care Bears.)
Nutcracker: The mouse hole! Everybody better get in!
(The Nutcracker is seen waving goodbye before we cut to Anna waking up in her bed.)
Peter: Anna! Anna! Wake up!
Peter: Anna, meet our new neighbor: Alan!
Peter: Alan Prince!
Alan Prince: Hello, Anna.
Anna: H--hello, Alan.
Miss Walker: And from that day forward, Anna and Alan remain the best of friends.
Alan Prince (now older): Hello there! Are you almost ready?
Miss Walker: Oh, I'll be right with you, Alan! (The kids, including Chris and Holly, gasp.) Goodbye, children, and have a Merry Christmas!
(The episode's final shot concludes with Nutcracker piece "Waltz of the Flowers" coming to an end.)