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Care Bears Sing-a-Long Friends is a line released by Play Along in 2003. It was reissued in 2007 to coincide with the Adventures in Care-a-lot design, and again in 2014 by Just Play to coincide with the Welcome to Care-a-lot design.

This design introduced Laugh-a-Lot Bear, and was the first "interactive" line.


When the bear's left hand is squeezed, they will talk and sing three different songs; as they talk and sing, the bear's head will rock and bob back and fourth. If there is more than one bear, they can recognize each other and sing together. There are a total of seven bears.

The 2007 line reduced the amount of bears to solely Cheer, Funshine and Share, given that Grumpy and Oopsy were never released in this form. Because they use the same programming as the previous designs, they retain the same voice actors as the 2003 versions.

In 2014, the Sing-a-Long plushes returned kept the same lineup with the addition of Grumpy Bear, and their voice clips were re-recorded with their Welcome to Care-a-lot actors. These bears also "dance" and move their arms, ears, and heads to the beat as they talk and sing, and include sparkly accents in their belly badges and footprints.

List of bears[]





  • Cheer Bear: Tina Turner
  • Friend Bear: Lalainia Lindbjerg
  • Funshine Bear: Trevor Soriano
  • Laugh-a-Lot Bear: Sherry Lynn
  • Love-a-Lot Bear: Debi Derryberry
  • Share Bear: Ruby Smith-Merovitz
  • Wish Bear: Emma Stone


Used by all bears[]

  • "Hey, Cheer Bear!"
  • "Hello, Friend Bear!"
  • "Hiya, Funshine Bear!"
  • "Hiya, Laugh-a-Lot Bear!"
  • "Hey, Love-a-Lot Bear!"
  • "Hi, Share Bear!"
  • "Hello, Wish Bear!"
  • "Let's sing a song!"
  • "Do you wanna sing a song?"
  • "Are you ready for a sing-a-long?"
  • "Who's ready for a Care Bear sing-a-long?"
  • "Who's in the mood for singing?"
  • "Ready to sing a song?"
  • "I am!"
  • "Me too!"
  • "Ready!"
  • "This is one of my favorites!"
  • "This is a fun one! I'll start!
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Hmmmmmmmm..."
  • "That was fun! I love singing with you!"
  • "Do we rock, or what?! I love singing with friends!"
  • "Hooray! I love singing together!"
  • "Singing makes me happy! Hold my hand and let's sing another song!"
  • "I'd like to sing some more! Squeeze my hand to sing another song!"
  • "Singing is fun! Touch my hand and we'll sing another song!"

Cheer Bear[]

  • "It's me, Cheer Bear! What's your name?"

Friend Bear[]

Funshine Bear[]

  • "My name's Funshine Bear! What's your name?"

Laugh-a-Lot Bear[]

  • "It's me, Laugh-a-Lot Bear! I'm having fun already!"
  • "My name's Laugh-a-Lot Bear. It would be such fun to sing with you!"

Love-a-Lot Bear[]

  • "It's me, Love-a-Lot Bear. I would love to sing with you."
  • "Hi, I'm Love-a-Lot Bear! Love is something you learn by heart."
  • "My name's Love-a-Lot Bear. I think you are very special."

Share Bear[]

  • "It's me, Share Bear. Sharing and caring are cool!"
  • "My name's Share Bear. I only share with my friends."

Wish Bear[]

  • "Hi, I'm Wish Bear. I wish you would sing with me."
  • "My name is Wish Bear. Do you like to sing?"

Song lyrics[]