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The Care Bears Standard Plush is the main Care Bears plush range from Basic Fun!, based on the redesigns from Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. Each plush comes boxed, and is 14-inches in size, each coming out in two waves/series every year. The first three waves also came with Care Coins.

Series 1 (July 2020)[]

The first series consists of six Care Bears, all of which being the main Bears from Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. Each plush comes with a Care Coin.


Cheer Bear[]

Funshine Bear[]

Good Luck Bear[]

Grumpy Bear[]

Share Bear[]

Tenderheart Bear[]

Release History[]

The plushes were first showcased at the 2020 New York Toy Fair, alongside other forms of plush and toys. A release date of Mid-2020 was announced for the plushes.

Early-July 2020[]

The plushes made a pre-sale debut as Walmart-exclusives in the United States beginning on July 1, 2020. This initial test release did not include Care Coins and didn't have a shiny metalic effect on the Care Bears logo on the packaging. Despite this difference, the UPCs of these plush toys with and without the coin are the same.

Mid-July 2020-Winter 2021[]

The plushes made their wide release in the United States in Late-July, featuring Care Coins.

The toys were released in the United Kingdom at this time as well, with slightly altered multi-lingual packaging featuring text and logos in European Spanish and European French in addition to English.

The plushes debuted in Canada in September 2020, using the same multi-lingual European packaging.

Winter-Summer 2021[]

In Early-2021, the plushes began to be sold with collectable stickers in the United States.

Around the same time in some places, the plushes began to be sold on their own without boxes. These releases may be used by Amazon as "Frustration-Free Packaging" or can be used as Claw Machine prizes, similar to the Whitehouse Leisure plushes.

Summer 2021-present[]

Beginning in July 2021, with the addition of more characters to the range, the packaging was given a slight makeover with new character profile images and the removal of Care Coins.

In October 2021, Cheer, Share, Grumpy and Tenderheart were released in France by Splash Toys (under license from Basic Fun!). These releases don't contain Care Coins.

Series 2 (December 2020)[]

The second series consists of two Care Bears - Love-a-Lot Bear and Wish Bear.


Love-a-Lot Bear[]

Wish Bear[]

Release History[]

Love-a-Lot Bear and Wish Bear were quietly released on Walmart's website in the United States in December 2020 and in stores. In Mid-2021, the plushes gained a wide release in other retailers.

The plushes were released in the United Kingdom in March 2021, and Canada in June 2021. These releases use slightly different packaging with different copyright information on the bottom, and the removal of the "Only at Walmart" sign on the left. In the Summer, the packaging was slightly changed, but mainly on the back. The Care Coins were also removed at this point.

Series 3 (May 2021)[]

The only Bear released as part of Series 3 is Togetherness Bear, matching her own unique nature.


Togetherness Bear[]

Release History[]

May-Summer 2021[]

In Mid-May 2021, Togetherness Bear was quietly released in some Walmart stores in the United States before her official announcement the following week. The original release contains a Care Coin in either Blue, Pink or Purple. Togetherness is the last Care Bear to come bundled with a Care Coin.

Summer 2021-present[]

She was released in Canada in July 2021, where she was also a Walmart exclusive. She then was released in the United Kingdom in August 2021 nationwide. The UK packaging simply covers up the "Only at Walmart" graphic with a white decal. These releases do not contain any Care Coins, and the US release soon followed.

In 2022, the packaging was slightly altered, with the removal of the "Care Bears New Bestie" icon and the back changing.

Series 4 (Summer 2021)[]

Series 4 consists of four Care Bears - Hopeful Heart Bear, Harmony Bear, Friend Bear, and Do-Your-Best Bear. This was the first full wave/series to not include Care Coins.


Hopeful Heart Bear[]

Friend Bear[]

Do-Your-Best Bear[]

Harmony Bear[]

Release History[]

Leaks and Announcements[]

In Late-May 2021, Hopeful Heart Bear plush was added to UK-based distributor website The website soon leaked Friend Bear and Do-Your-Best Bear plushes in June 2021.

Harmony Bear was first showcased on the official Care Bears instagram in June 2021.


The first plush from Series 4 to be released was Harmony Bear. She was first released in Canada at the end of June 2021, and was released exclusively at Walmart Canada stores.

Harmony was soon released in the United States in Mid-July 2021, exclusive to Walmart stores as well. She was soon followed up with the release of Hopeful Heart Bear in late-July as an exclusive to Target stores. Friend Bear soon was given a wide release in the United States in August.

All the plushes, except for Harmony, were released in the United Kingdom in August 2021, while Hopeful Heart was released in Canada as a Toys 'R' Us Canada exclusive. These releases of Hopeful Heart use the same packaging as the US version abit with the Target logo covered up with a white decal.

Do-Your-Best Bear finally saw a US release in September 2021 as an Amazon exclusive, although he eventually saw a national release the following year. Due to this, it makes him the first Care Bear in the Basic Fun! range to release in the UK before the US.

A release for Harmony Bear in the United Kingdom was not announced until she was shown off at Toy Fair UK 2022, despite being promoted in marketing beforehand. She finally saw a UK release in May 2022, eleven months after her Canadian release. The UK release uses the same packaging as the US, with the Walmart graphic covered over with a white decal.

Best Friend Bear and Secret Bear Best Friend Bears (Summer 2021)[]

This is a double set that contains two 14-inch Bears.



The Best Friend Bear and Secret Bear set was originally planned to be released as a Target exclusive, but within production, the chain cancelled their shipment for the set. Basic Fun! instead sold their shipment to wholesaler chain B.J.'s Wholesaler Club, releasing in August 2021 with a prior leaking in July. They were made avaliable on the chain until the end of the year.

Due to their limited status, quanitity and the fact they were exclusively sold at a niche retail chain, these plushes are very rare and nowadays go upwards of the $100+ mark, in or out the box. It is unknown if they will see another chance in the spotlight.

Series 5 (Spring 2022)[]

Series 5 consists of two new characters - Dream Bright Bear and I Care Bear.


Dream Bright Bear[]

I Care Bear[]


Dream Bright Bear and I Care Bear were first leaked on in November 2021 and was later leaked onto the Smyths Toys website before her announcement in January 2022. They were both showcased at Toy Fair UK in the same month.

Dream Bright Bear was first given out to select fans as part of a Care Bears Care Package in February 2022, and was given a wide release in the United States within the middle of the month, where she is a Walmart-exclusive. She was released in the United Kingdom in Early-Mid March and eventually in Canada as well. These releases use slightly altered packaging that has no Walmart graphic on it.

I Care Bear was given a pre-test release in the United States in late-February 2022 before his announcement on Earth Day in March, and was soon given a full wide release in April. He too is also a Walmart exclusive. He was released in the United Kingdom in May. The packaging design is different from the other plushes, being stylised to represent it's Eco-Friendly nature.

I Care made his Canadian debut in July 2023, also as a Walmart exclusive. This release features the standard packaging design, but remains eco-friendly and made out of paper.

Series 6 (2022)[]

Series 6 consists of three Care Bears - Daydream Bear, True Heart Bear, and Superstar Bear.


Daydream Bear[]

True Heart Bear[]

Superstar Bear[]


All three plushes were first shown in leaked images at Toy Fair UK in January 2022.

The first to be released was Daydream Bear, firstly in Canada in Mid-June 2022 as a Walmart Canada exclusive, and eventually in the United States by Early-July, as a Walmart exclusive. True Heart Bear was released in both territories in Early-July 2022 as well, once again a Walmart exclusive, while Superstar Bear was released in the United States at the end of July 2022, as a Target exclusive.

The UK releases of the three plushes were released from July-August 2022, and utalise the US packaging with white decals covering over the US store names.

Care-a-Lot Bear (Summer 2022)[]



Care-a-Lot Bear was first confirmed to have a special plush toy on Share Your Care Day (September 9, 2021) in 2021. At Toy Fair UK 2022, the Care-a-Lot Bear plush was unrevealed. It comes in a special box (similar to Rainbow Heart Bear) that contains a certificate of Authenticity.

She was released in the United States in Mid-June 2022 at Walmart stores, and was released in the United Kingdom in Late-July, and was released in Canada shortly after. The packaging varies between the US and UK/Canada.

For two days only in July 2022, on the 21st and 22nd, Walmart released a Collector's Edition version of Care-a-Lot with a gem nose, silver glitter eyes, extra sparkly fur, silver paws, and a custom silver belly badge for their "Walmart Comic-Con" event. Only 2000 plushes were produced.

Series 7 (2023)[]

Series 7 consists of two new characters - Dare to Care Bear and Calming Heart Bear.


Dare to Care Bear[]

Calming Heart Bear[]

True North Bear[]


The plushes were first showcased at the 2022 Dallas Toy Fair. Both were released in the United Kingdom and United States in Early-January 2023.

Dare to Care was first released at Target stores before shortly expanding elsewhere, while Calming Heart Bear was released as a Walmart exclusive.

Calming Heart contains a scenting bag inside with a "Cucumber-Melon" smell.

True North Bear was released in Canada in April 2023 at Toys 'R' Us and Walmart Canada stores. He will not see a release in any other country, although he did see a limited UK release at an independent toy retailer through a partnership with Basic Fun!.

Series 8 (2023-2024)[]

This wave contains several new additions.


Always Here Bear[]

Sea Friend Bear[]

Destiny Bear[]


Always Here Bear was first showcased at the 2022 Dallas Toy Fair, and soon was released in the United Kingdom at the end of August 2023.

Sea Friend Bear was released in the United States as an Amazon exclusive in August 2023. She is an "Eco" Bear, and similarity to the Denim Collection Plush, she doesn't come with a box. Sea Friend has also seen a release on Amazon UK in September.

Destiny Bear was released in the United Kingdom in September 2023. ALthough intended to be a UK exclusive, he was made available in Canada in November 2023 as a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, and in Singapore as well.

Always Here Bear was released in the United States in December 2023 as a Walmart exclusive.

Series 9 (2024)[]

This wave contains three brand new characters.


Flower Power Bear[]

Good Vibes Bear[]

Friends Forever Bear[]


Flower Power Bear was released as a Target exclusive in the United States in January 2024. Friends Forever Bear was released onto Amazon at the beginning of February 2024, although she doesn't come with a box.

In the United Kingdom, Flower Power Bear was released in the United Kingdom in January 2024, while Good Vibes Bear was released in February and Friends Forever Bear at the end of the month.

Series 10 (2024)[]

Unity Bear[]

Snuggly True North Bear[]


Unity Bear was originally seen in Hong Kong, and was likely meant to be an Amazon exclusive, but was instead found in the United States in February 2024 in Ross Dress for Less stores.

Snuggly True North Bear was released in Canada in May 2024, and will be released in the UK on the G3 Toys website in August/September.

Series 11 (2024)[]

True Friend Bear[]

Good Wishes Bear[]

Love to Care Bear[]

Be Me Bear[]


The Bears are currently intended for a Late-Summer release.