Care Bear Wiki

This page features every Care Bear character that has currently seen a product released through Basic Fun!.

This page does not include the "budget" variants sold at places such as Walgreens, Five Below, Tesco, etc.


Cheer Bear[]

Share Bear[]

Grumpy Bear[]

Funshine Bear[]

Good Luck Bear[]

Tenderheart Bear[]

Bedtime Bear[]

Wish Bear[]

Love-a-Lot Bear[]

Harmony Bear[]

Birthday Bear[]

Togetherness Bear[]

Hopeful Heart Bear[]

Friend Bear[]

Do-Your-Best Bear[]

Laugh-a-Lot Bear[]

Secret Bear[]

Best Friend Bear[]

Dream Bright Bear[]

I Care Bear[]

Take Care Bear[]

Heartsong Bear[]

True Heart Bear[]

Daydream Bear[]

Superstar Bear[]

Care-a-Lot Bear[]

Dare to Care Bear[]

Calming Heart Bear[]

True North Bear[]

Sweet Celebrations Bear[]

Always Here Bear[]

Sea Friend Bear[]

Destiny Bear[]

Trick-or-Sweet Bear[]

Spooky Sparkle Bear[]

Christmas Wishes Bear[]

Great Giving Bear[]