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Care Hearts are the tangible representation of caring that come from the world below Care-a-Lot, and are seen in the Care Bears & Cousins Netflix series, specifically the first episode, Take Heart.

Care Hearts are created when caring occurs in the world below. Most Care Hearts are pulled into the Share Cloud automatically, as if pulled by a magnetic force. There are a number of stragglers, however. If the Care Crew didn't sail around in the Cloud Clipper and collect them, the lost Care Hearts would never find the Share Cloud, meaning that the Care-o-Meter would not be at an acceptable level, making Care-a-Lot disappear. The Care Hearts come in four different colours, pink, red, blue and yellow, and they flutter through the air like butterflies.To assist the Care Crew in their mission to collect Care Hearts, Bright Heart Raccoon has invented the Grabbergus to use for collecting Care Hearts and returning them to the Share Cloud.

Care Hearts are also known to hide where you would least expect it, which is why the Grabbergus includes a tracking feature.

Sabotage Attempts[]

In the episode Take Heart, the Care Crew aren't careful enough when storing the Grabbergus and it falls from the Cloud Clipper to the beach, where Beastly snatches it from behind a rock. He then collects more Care Hearts and uses them to create a number of household items for his cave, including a throne, an eight foot rug, decorative lights and photo frames. This attempt at sabotage failed as the Care Bears and Cousins were able to track him down and surround him before performing a rainbow ray on him, forcing him to return the Grabbergus, although he gets to keep the furniture he made.