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Caring for Spring is the twenty-sixth episode of The Care Bears Family.


Grams tells a story where Mother Nature (Grams) is captured by the Wicked Witch of Winter (Shreeky), and if Hugs ("Jill") and Tugs ("Jack") don't rescue her by sunset, it will be winter forever.


  • Grams Bear as Mother Nature
  • Baby Tugs Bear as Jack
  • Baby Hugs Bear as Jill
  • Shreeky as the Wicked Witch of Winter
  • Beastly as Simple Simon
  • Grumpy Bear as the Ogre
  • Champ Bear as Jack Be Nimble
  • Bright Heart Raccoon as Wee Willy Winkie


  • Shreeky is the Witch of Winter, Beastly is Simple Simon (also disguising himself as Little Bo-Peep), Grams Bear is Mother Nature, Hugs and Tugs are Jack and Jill, Champ is Jack Be Nimble, Grumpy is an Ogre, and Bright Heart is Wee Willy Winky. Cock Robin's voice is identical to that of Tenderheart Bear.
  • A running gag in the story is Simple Simon's pies often getting frozen by the Witch of Winter's mirror.