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Cheering You Grump is the twenty-fifth episode of Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.


Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear are completely different in personality, and argue about their differences. When the two Bears are paired for the Belly Badge Scavenger Hunt, many of the Bears are paired up:

  • Birthday and Good Luck
  • Best Friend and Amigo
  • Bashful Heart and Wish
  • Thanks-a-Lot and Secret
  • Funshine and Share
  • Harmony and Surprise
  • Cheer and Grumpy

they must overcome their differences and work together.



  • That's The Way to Be


  • On Netflix, the episode is called Cheer Factor.


  • In the scene where Rocky Road drops to Good Luck, Champ Bear is miscolored, almost the same light blue as Wish Bear.
  • Many of the Bears featured keep appearing and disappearing throughout the episode.
  • Champ Bear is misnamed as Best Friend Bear in this episode.