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The Cloud Clipper was a boat used by the Care Bears mainly in the first and second movies. It has the ability to traverse between worlds, such as Earth and The Forest of Feelings


The Care Bears Movie[]

The Cloud Clipper is used as a way for the remaining Care Bears to leave Care-a-Lot and find the others, re-discovering the Care Bear Cousins along the way. This version of the Cloud Clipper is in fact made of clouds, and has a sentient star for a sail.

The Care Bears (DiC series)[]


The Cloud Clipper followed by a Cloudmobile.

The Cloud Clipper makes an appearance in the episodes "Birthday", "Drab City", and "The Old Man and the Lighthouse", and has a similar design to the first film (with the exception of having a blue wood floor as opposed to the more natural wood grain used prior). Proud Heart Cat and Cozy Heart Penguin pilot the ship in this instance.

A New Generation[]

Cloud Clipper

The Cloud Clipper pre-transformation.

In the 2nd movie, the Cloud Clipper was used by Noble Heart Horse and True Heart Bear to take the young Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins to safety in the Kingdom of Caring. While on its way, the boat was transformed to look more cloud-like by the Great Wishing Star, and remained in this form for the duration of the original series.

Care Bears and Cousins[]


The Cloud Clipper with the Care Bear Cousins and Wonderheart.

In the 2012 incarnation of the franchise, The Cloud Clipper is mostly piloted by Brave Heart Lion, and takes on a much different appearance, becoming more wooden once again, and more mechanical than the typical cloud make up of most Care Bear objects and technology.