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A Cloudmobile, alternatively called a cloud car or cloudcycle, is a mode of transportation utilized by the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Caring.

Appearances []

1980's TV and Movies[]

It consists, much like the ground cover, of clouds shaped into solid form. Some appear to be modeled after Earth's automobiles, while others are more simple and are made of a single rainbow arch and cloud.

Cloud Cars appear in both varieties in nearly all media from the original series. The "rainbowroller" variety vehicle seems to be more common in use on Earth, however.

Care Bears: Unlock the Magic[]

Cloud Cars return in the newest series, Care Bears: Unlock the Magic after some time without them. It appears that the "rainbowroller" or cloudcycle variety has been the basis for the newest generation of Care Bears. A subtle difference, however, is that these new vehicles contain actual wheels instead of hovering just about the ground as they did before.