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Compassion - NOT is the first episode of Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. In this episode, Grumpy Bear's quest for forbidden honey leads to him being trapped in a mud hole. Meanwhile, Funshine Bear helps a young girl named Penny, who loves high speed.


Funshine has planned a day of fun but nobody wants to join him. Tenderheart brings a girl named Penny, who loves high speed, to join him. Meanwhile, Grumpy tries to steal the Dragon Bees' Beehive, but ends up stuck in quick sand.

Beastly comes and steals the Beehive without helping Grumpy, even though the Beasties' encouragement to do so. While Funshine and Penny have fun, Grumpy calls out for help and is heard by Harmony. The Care Bears have a meeting, but Grumpy and Funshine are absent. The Bears set out to find Grumpy, while Cheer finds Funshine and Penny to get them to help. As the other bears try to get Grumpy out, Funshine and Penny return to having fun, though Funshine is reluctant to abandon Grumpy.

After an unsuccessful attempt to pull out Grumpy by hand, Tenderheart's neice, Wonderheart, suggests to pull him out with the Care-a-Van, but only Grumpy can drive it. The Bears then decide to use Funshine's ATV, but find out that Funshine and Penny have taken it to have fun.

Share and Harmony catch up with them as Penny ends up stuck up a tree, and Share and Harmony refuse to help her down. Penny recognizes her faults and apologizes, and Harmony forgives her and they get her up. They then catch up with Funshine, and they return to the quicksand, where Cheer has been trying to cheer up Grumpy. The Dragon Bees, who overheard Grumpy admitting that he'd stolen their hive, arrive and attack, but Harmony holds them off and Funshine pulls Grumpy out of the quicksand.

Funshine and Penny apologize to Grumpy for abandoning them, but Grumpy forgives them. Unfortunately, Harmony's hold-off ceases to function and the Dragon Bees catch up to them. Grumpy admits to stealing the hive, and is then told to return it. As the Queen Bee closes in, Grumpy tells them that Beastly stole it, and the Dragon Bees fly away to give Beastly a lesson.

The episodes ends as Beastly is attacked by the bees, and returns the hive, but the Bees continue chasing him.



  • In production order, this is the fifth episode of the series.
  • Grumpy realises that he is the only Care Bear that can drive manual vehicles.