Cubot is a supporting character who appeared in the second half of the 7th episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family TV series, "I, Robot Heart". He is a "multi-functional robot" who was found deactivated in the Forest of Feelings by Bright Heart Raccoon and Grumpy Bear, who later repaired him. Despite being a purely mechanical construct, his fondest wish to is to have a real heart so he can care.

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Care Bears Family TV series

Cubot was found dismantled and deactivated in the Forest of Feelings by Bright Heart Raccoon and Grumpy Bear, who took him back to their workshop to fix him up. Upon revival, he ran in fear of the electricity that brought him back online thinking it was lightning, and revealed that's how he ended up broken in the first place. Despite being in full, "multi-functional" working order, he claimed to be missing one important part: a heart, saying that he always wanted to care like everyone else. While Grumpy and Bright Heart quibbled over how they could possibly build such a thing, Cubot traveled around the forest doing everyone favors as thanks for getting him running again.

Mr. Beastly notices the robot during his errands, and decides to capture him as a birthday present for No Heart. When Cubot returns to the workshop for his "heart", Grumpy can only give him a fake tin one, saying an actual, caring heart is something that can't be crafted, you just have to have it. Despondent, the robot leaves the shop and becomes frightened during a lightning storm.

When Beastly uses this opportunity to try and catch him, he ends up getting Grumpy and Brightheart instead, who came looking for him. Though scared at first, Cubot eventually confronts his fear of being shocked and braves the thunderstorm to fly after his friends and save them. After Beastly flies away on his copter bike, Grumpy tell Cubot that his selfless actions proved that he does have heart after all. I, Robot Heart


  • Despite being a robot and thus technically without gender, Grumpy refers to him as a "little tin guy" at one point.
  • The name for Cubot's fear of lightning would be Astraphobia.
  • Cubot's inner chassis houses at least seven robotic arms that hold items such as a pencil, a pocket watch, a dustpan and broom, a pair of scissors, and a feather duster. He also has a pair of helicopter blades that can pop out of his head, which also happens to be detachable.
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