Dan Hennessey (born August 25, 1941) is a Canadian voice actor who, early on in his career, performed with a children's comedy troupe (with John Stocker, Bruce Gordon, Harriet Cohen, and Jerelyn Homer). That same year, in 1973, he played Claudius, King of Denmark in his first film, a Canadian adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet play.

A decade later, he was the voice of Chief Quimby and other characters on DiC's Inspector Gadget and starred as Dizzy in Nelvana's first feature film, Rock & Rule. He also did Father Bear on Little Bear, George Raccoon on The Raccoons, and other works.

His best-known role is the voice of Brave Heart Lion in the animated Care Bears franchise (he also voiced Loyal Heart Dog as well as the Irish voice of Good Luck Bear on a few episodes of the television series).

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