Daydream Bear is a toy-exclusive Care Bear who was originally released as a UK-exclusive doll in the mid-1980's and was since revived in the 2000's toyline for worldwide release. In her original appearance, she was pale pink with a pair of rainbow heart balloons as her Belly badge, and in the 2000's she was redesigned to be violet with a Saturn-like heart-shaped planet badge surrounded by small stars.

Prone to "zoning out" and getting lost in her own little world, Daydream Bear has her head in the clouds even more than most Care Bears. While this has the unfortunate side-effect of making her very accident-prone, it also gives her a very active imagination and provides new ways to solve problems. She has to remain vigilant to keep herself focused on the task ahead, and encourages others to do the same.

In other languages:
Danish: Dagdrømmebjørn ("Daydreaming Bear")
Dutch: Dagdroom Beer ("Daydream Bear")
French: Grosreveur ("Big Dreamer")
French (Canadian): Rêvours ("Dreamer")
German: Tagtraum Bärchi ("Daydream Bear")
Japanese: デイドリームベア
Norwegian: Dagdrømmebamse ("Daydreaming Bear")
Portuguese: Sonhadora ("Dreamer")
Swedish: Dagdrömsnalle ("Stargazer Bear")

Original series

Day Dream

Daydream's original design

Daydream Bear's only appearance in the 1980's Care Bear franchise was as a limited-release UK-exclusive plush toy. In a rare twist, however, a toy based on her original design was re-released in celebration of the franchise's 20th anniversary in 2003 in North America.

2000's series

2002-2006 toyline

Daydream Bear was brought back in the early-to-mid 2000's Care Bears franchise revival with a redesigned appearance. Now sporting violet fur with a new belly badge in the form of a heart-shaped ringed planet surrounded by small stars. This new version was made available in a number of different toy varieties, including a 9" comfy plush, a 12" "troll hair" plush, and a 9" special edition plush with hoodie pajamas.


2005-2006: Daydream Bear loves playing pretend. She shows how important imagination is for everyone. But with her funny little accidents, she also shows that it's important to pay attention, too. Her tummy symbol is a daydreamer's dream. It's a "spacey" heart-shaped planet surrounded by stars.

2002 Website Profile:

Caring Mission: Shows people how important imagination is.
Symbol: A heart-shaped planet orbited by stars.
Personality: Imaginative, inspiring and funny.
Character Quirk: She gets into funny little situations when she's not paying attention and can't figure out how she got there.
Color: Periwinkle.
Best Friend: Smart Heart Bear
Relationship Challenge: She always gets into arguments with Bedtime Bear over whether you have to be awake to daydream.
Motto: A daydream a day keeps the frowns away.
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