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Dim and Dum are a pair of villains who appear in the third Care Bears movie The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland. They are loosely based on the characters Tweedledum and Tweedledee from Lewis Carol's second Wonderland novel Through the Looking Glass, and are the servants of the evil Wizard of Wonderland. As brothers, they are equally inept and clumsy, and their only distinguishing feature seems to be that Dim's shirt has vertical stripes while Dum's are horizontal.

When their master sets his sights on the throne of Wonderland, he kidnaps the Princess and hides her away, hoping to become crowned king in her stead. However, when the White Rabbit enlists the aid of the Care Bears and a girl named Alice to find the missing girl, the wily Wizard sends Dim and Dum after them.


  • Both Dim and Dum have similar designs and mannerisms to Mr. Beastly from the Care Bears Family TV series, with he and Dim even sharing the same voice actor.
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