Do-Your-Best Bear is a Care Bear who was first introduced in the 2002-2006 franchise re-launch toyline, and has since made minor appearances in 2000s Care Bears media.


He has lime green fur and his Belly badge depicts a four-colored diamond-shaped kite with a tail.


A particularly helpful and somewhat pushy bear, this living motivational poster only has one goal in life: to make sure everyone lives up to their true potential, one pep talk at a time. This lovable life coach is a like a one-bear cheer section, and finds no greater joy than helping someone achieve that long-unobtainable goal. It's a proven fact that objects at rest will stay that way until pushed, and he's the one that's gonna give you a nudge.

In other languages:
German: Tu-Dein-Bestes-Bärchi ("Do-Your-Best-Bear")
Japanese: ドゥーユアべストベア
Swedish: Kom Igen-nalle ("Come On Bear")

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